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James Cameron Spider-Man: Let’s analyze the scenario

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Before Spider Man From Sam Raimi there was that James Cameron. An attempt by a manager finisherTo convey the deeds of the timid Peter Parker to the cinema. In an interview with Screen Crush, Cameron long ago identified his first script delivered to the studio as “The greatest movie I’ve ever made”. Is it really so?

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  1. How did James Cameron get involved?
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  4. You will always be Spider-Man

How did James Cameron get involved?

It all started thanksacquiring rights about character karolco pictures Which invited Cameron to write and direct the film $ 50 million. 1983 failure of Superman III It has brought the cost of rights to comic book characters to an all-time low. They managed to get them for only 5 million. After many difficulties and after several attempts James Cameron with John Brancato, Ted Newsom, Barry Cohen and Joseph Goldman The first idea was delivered. In the story, Doctor Octopus was a villain, a role that the director wanted to entrust to him Arnold Schwarzenegger.

A few months later, with everyone’s approval, Cameron offered the production company a new script, which was recorded in 1991. A little more 50 pages of treatment (The intermediate stage between the subject and the script, complete with dialogues) which tells the film in prose adding some dialogue. A radically different version from the previous one, forbidden to minors due to explicit language and sexual scene (obviously not overly explicit, but unusual compared to today’s sensitivity). For the complex legal issue involved KarlokoAnd Viacom e Colombiaand Marvel’s subsequent bankruptcy that the movie didn’t make.

However, the text leaked online years later. It is a very interesting document for analyzing the slow formation of the new cinematic current that gave rise to the phenomenon we know so well today. It’s hard to share Cameron’s enthusiasm, the story is actually somewhat conventional if it’s read with the eyes of those who’ve seen a multiverse and different avengers. A boy is bitten by a radioactive spider, gains powers, and learns to cost his gifts at a very high price (however, the phrase “With great strength comes great responsibility“). There is Mary Jane, the girl he loves, and two bad guys who have to save the city. In short: a traditional origin story.

Both Cameron and Remy were actually based on the comic strips, recasting main clips in an almost identical way as a spider bite or discovery of powers. We immediately take the elephant out of the room: Yes, it is clear when reading the treat that many ideas exist In Sam Raimi’s first movie. There are many similarities: Mary Jane has a similar figure in both versions, she is apparently a light girl, in full adolescence, but carries heavy burdens on her shoulders. Less famous for Peter than she was in the 2002 movie, she still loves the Spider-Man she’s been saved from so many times. Aunt Mai faces financial difficulties, and her nephew tries to help her, but she is lost in discovering her new body and new life.

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organic cobwebs

Above all: James Cameron was the first to enter organic cobwebsThe boy’s body is born! More details are integrated into the plot than we saw later. In fact, Peter is afraid of this physical characteristic. The first night after the bite, he woke up feverish and delirious. When she removes the blankets, she discovers that she has covered the fluid bed with cobwebs. As the director has repeatedly stated, more than the origin of a superhero was the story of a young man who became a man.

Afraid of the change he’s going through, Spider-Man builds fake web footage (!) so it doesn’t show that he’s creating the stuff out of his hands. Even when he’s wearing a costume, he’s afraid people will consider him a weird, “obsessed with nature”. His entire relationship with villains revolves around this.

Yes, in the plural. Although the basic steps are the same as in the remy movie, the main villain in this transaction is Carlton Strand, or Electro. Completely different from comedies and movies, in this version he is a criminal, who escaped from the police, and entered a protected area where certain experiments with electricity were conducted. He gained powers that allowed him to learn about the city from another perspective. That energy that passes through them.

Thus he is able to build an empire by stealing citizens through small cyber attacks that are made thanks to the electricity he possesses. It subtracts small amounts (on the order of a cent) from a large number of people, making them rich without arousing suspicion. He can listen to telephone conversations, he can control computers and thus control and bend data as he pleases, even financial ones. It is present in the electrical network, and therefore it is present everywhere.

Strand is ruthless. We see him forcing a woman, Cordelia, to indulge him. She knows his powers and doesn’t want to, he takes her so hard causing her a heart-stopping fit. She died, only to be resurrected by the touch of the man who, in shock, reactivates her heartbeat. His business partner is called Boyd Born in’sand man. Less intelligent than Electro, you do the dirty work for him. After Spider-Man’s first television appearance, they set out in search of the boy. Peter after Ben’s death gets lost in anger. He becomes violent, moves in the shadows.

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One Spider-Man fit

This Spider-Man is a dark and somewhat realistic version, similar to James Cameron of that period finisher. So much so that it almost becomes It’s hard to empathize with someone With such brutal outlines, not having all the morals and sunshine that characterizes the hero. More than a human spider, the atmosphere of therapy is similar to that which reading realizes mutant in kafka mixed for the fly by Cronenberg. Suffice it to say that in the aforementioned sex scene with Mary Jane, seduction occurs as he approaches her with spidery movements. The dialogue, frankly embarrassing, is about Spider-Man’s interpretation of spider-mating techniques.

The fact is that when Strand finally met the hero in his mansion, he found himself in front of a person terribly afraid of powers. He is ashamed of it, he considers them another sign of social exclusion, like Bavido Parker, so his other ego is also an outcast from society. Electro (who was never given that name) tells him that, on the contrary, they are the newest step in evolution. He wants to create his army of highly developed freaks and monsters to impose a new dominion over humanity.

Not satisfied with the rejection, the offender uses Jonah Jameson to destroy his reputation. He puts him in the guise of a killer and kidnaps Mary Jane. She also dies, for a moment, during the final battle, only to be revived by Strand, making her opponent understand how powerful she is. Angry, Spider-Man strikes back. The entire battle takes place at the World Trade Center.

After Electro and the Sandman are defeated, justice is served by dropping all the thugs’ loot, $200 million in cash, on the streets of New York. Thus the city is partly reconciled with its climber.

Spider-Man James Cameron

There is a lot of ’90s naivety throughout the course of treatment. However, Cameron’s vision is much more than that Concrete and adults From those suggested by George Miller to him Human Justice Team (Read here to find out more). Flash stays with Mary Jane and hits her. Uncle Ben is not a guide, but he is a man who cannot talk and be as close to the boy as he pleases. Aunt Mai is absent and at the mercy of Peter’s emotions Spy on your girlfriend secretly.

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The secret identity is revealed with a kiss at the end bestowed with the confidence of the superhero upon leaving school and eventually revenge on The Flash by insulting him just like in the beginning of the Rimi movie. Seeing this scene at the end generated some headaches about the new sense of justice gained at the end of the journey. It’s hard to get to know Stan Lee.

The Spider-Man we see isn’t fair and fallible in the comics, he’s a hero tormented by his own bottom motives, not so much guilt, but just as much rage. Then the treatment seems very lopsided in two separate works: origins and actions with supernatural powers.

You will always be Spider-Man

You can take off your costume and you will always be Spider-ManThis sentence, which Stand spoke about, sums up Cameron’s vision very well. It’s not meant, as in the Rimi movie, for everyone to be a hero. Back! Parker will always be such a disgusting monster Which emits a sticky fluid from the wrists. He wouldn’t be able to hide from shame!

In short: A teen’s vision without any enthusiasm for discovery, without the adrenaline of a superhero. This never-before-made film from the pages of Therapy appears embarrassing in some segments, and cliched in many others. But after twenty years and so many different interpretations on the same topic, no one has yet done what Cameron had imagined back in 1991. That’s to tell special abilities as something annoying to hide. To be different and superior as a diversity is to be ashamed of in a society so strict that it does not realize its potential and even pursues it in awe.

No one has ever listed superpowers as something that defines what a hero is, completely negating any of his human aspects. as if Steve Rogers He was valid only because of the serum (and not because of his moral standing), or Bruce Banner He had no possibility of redemption regarding the structure. We must accept and be assured even in case of ugliness, this story tells. We totally overturn the idea that being a superhero is a beautiful thing (even when you can do good). No, it’s disgusting. It’s better to be natural. A man is better than a spider.

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