Home entertainment Cinetel was a huge success, with Kung Fu Panda 4 taking center stage

Cinetel was a huge success, with Kung Fu Panda 4 taking center stage

Cinetel was a huge success, with Kung Fu Panda 4 taking center stage

It's Kung fu Panda 4 directed by Mike Mitchell with Stephanie Ma Stein, the new chapter of the Dreamworks animated saga, with Fabio Vuolo voicing the protagonist, the panda, and the Zen fighter, Po, which is at the top of Cinetel's acquisitions this weekend. With an amount of 3,474,314 euros, having already appeared in the rankings last week in fifth place, thanks to the previews, bringing the total amount to 3,858,786 euros.

Denis Villeneuve's Dune – Part 2 fell to second place, with €528,814 at the box office over the weekend, recording a four-week total of €9,101,814. In third place is Todd Haynes' debut in May with the gritty showdown between Natalie Portman and Julianne Moore, which grossed €305,466 in four days. First Italian in the top ten, Glory Race – Audi vs. Audi, drops from third to fourth. Lancia by Stefano Mordini with Riccardo Scamarcio as Cesare Florio, which reaches 304,238 to 1,043,588 in two weeks.

Jonathan Glazer's Zone of Interest, winner of the Academy Award for Best International Film, fell from second to fifth place with €293,220 and a total of €4,151,465 in the five weeks of release. Un Altro Ferragosto by Paolo Verzi, returns to Ventotini, almost 20 years after the Ferie d'agosto, with Sabrina Virelli, Laura Morante, Silvio Orlando, Christian De Sica, with 155.611 euros over the weekend, loses two places, from fourth to first place The sixth for 1,610,370 euros in three weeks.

Jeff Wadlow's horror film Imaginary moved from sixth to seventh place (with €148,706 and €519,766 in two weeks), while Piero Messina's Another Ending, a journey into separation set in a dystopian time, took eighth place, which collected €141,524 in profits. four days.

The top ten was closed by Ilker Katak's The Teacher's Room, which was a German Oscar nominee for Best International Film, falling from seventh to ninth place (€116,203 at the box office for a total of €1,073,522 in four weeks) and in tenth place Poor Creatures! By Yorgos Lanthimos, winner of four Academy Awards, including the award for novelist Emma Stone, which in its ninth week of release generated €82,455 in profits for a total of €9,067,194.

It is worth noting the success of the documentary “Food for Profit” directed by Giulia Innocenzi and Pablo D’Ambrosi, dedicated to the thread connecting the meat industry, lobbyists and political power: the non-fiction film jumps from 29th place to 11th place, earning 57,610 euros. weekend for €184,379 in four weeks of release. Overall, the box office, at €6,232,760, was up 25% compared to last week when it was at €4,997,701.

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