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Student of Lycio Artistigo Mangeroni has won a scholarship to Canada

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– This year’s WEP – an international organization that promotes cultural and linguistic exchanges around the world – provides scholarships for bright and highly deserving students to study abroad. This contribution is designed to reward them for the work they have done during the year and to facilitate access to school programs.

Katia Betti, a student at the Ferruccio Mangeroni Art School in Besaro, won one of the 1,000 euros worth of scholarships made by the WEP to spend a school year abroad. A contribution Katia uses to travel to Richmond, Canada.

The woman was selected based on the results of the interview interview based on her experience, accuracy, lack of time in filling out the participation document and linguistic ability she showed and prognosis. In fact, the scholarship is aimed at rewarding the best students, reducing the cost of the program for them.

“This idea came mainly from me because I had already heard of an experience like this in middle school. This does not mean that my parents are very happy to allow me on this trip” – Katia – “As for the destination, a family friend of mine has already gone to do a year abroad in Canada, and he And, among English-speaking places, considering the quality of life and education, my parents and I thought it was very appropriate. I want to rediscover feelings and take my life back in. I hope I can cook, it makes me happy, but I never have the chance, and attend “specific” courses at school I like to play, but above all I like to play a lot of games and watch the snow! Lastly, I like to attend dance classes regularly because this is an interest I have been conducting for 11 years and I do not want to be interrupted.

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Like her, every year 1200 young people live with the cultural exchange experience with WEP. With the year abroad, students have the opportunity to improve their knowledge of the foreign language, develop their soft skills, live abroad for a year, a semester or a quarter, and stay in close contact with a culture other than their own. For the entire period of their stay, in fact, the children are run by a family and follow courses at the local school. High school programs are a perfect opportunity to learn about the customs, habits, and customs of a country other than your own. Studying abroad is a real challenge for young people, it requires adaptation and respect for the host country, and it allows for 360 ° development: personal, linguistic and cultural.

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