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Alberta State of Canada classifies Govt as seasonal flu – Govt Emergency

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“The delta variant of Govit-19 causes a more serious infection than previously detected variants, and it spreads more easily like chickenpox,” the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, the highest federal health authority in the United States, said in a confidential document. The Washington Post is poised to change the approach to the epidemic in the United States: less restrictions, even those who have been vaccinated are forced to wear masks, in short, can go backwards despite vaccinations – the so-called delta variant.

On the other hand, the Alberta government in Canada has decided to adopt a completely different strategy, where the official goal from next August 16 is to bring in Covit-19 with more or less the same control measures as seasonal flu. .

“By strongly adhering to the vaccine campaign, Alberta will gradually bring Covid-19 activity in line with other respiratory viruses, which will ensure the efficiency of the health system,” said Dr. Tina Hinsha, Canadian provincial health officer.

“Covit-19 cases are likely to increase in the coming months and hospital admissions and other serious side effects will be much less with vaccines,” Hinsha added.

This is precisely the big bet: with vaccines, people infected with Covit-19 will not become seriously ill – Alberta officials think – so the health system will not be affected by the increase in infections. Govt patients do not close hospitals, this is the only parameter that the Alberta government has decided to consider. Therefore, the number of positive cases is no longer considered particularly important.

When asked if the government would tolerate what the maximum daily case limit would be, Hinsha did not provide the exact number.

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But other statistics are really important.

As of Wednesday, 84 people had been hospitalized with Covit-19, 18 of whom were in intensive care. Hospital admissions do not increase the rate of new cases – writes the Calgary Herald – at this point, thanks to vaccines.

These calculations will lead to the complete deregulation on August 16th. Unless there are infections, you will no longer be required to wear a mask and will no longer be required to wear a mask at school.

Moreover, those who are positively diagnosed with Covit-19 no longer need to isolate themselves. Sick people should stay at home, says Dr. Hinsha in this regard, but they can choose independently what to do. Asymptomatic testing is then encouraged. After August 16, there will be no isolated hotels or isolated support. Testing centers will close, shifting tasks to physicians’ offices and primary care networks or hospitals when the disease becomes more severe.

The province of Alberta points to a way out of an epidemic that is still gripping much of the world. Why does it make any sense to continue to evoke all sorts of restrictions following vaccination campaigns and continue to call for dubious performance in differentiating the spread of the virus? This is the best way to trigger the vaccine and get rid of the infection.

But is this what the ruling elite really wants?

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