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From “bad boy” to a corner of Italian cinema, do you recognize the child in the photo?

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A multifaceted artist with great sympathy, he was engaged to one of the most beautiful Italian actresses and his films always make a fuss at the box office: who is he?

The child who appears in the picture today is charming, sarcastic, and tirelessly talented: he is an actor, director, screenwriter, comedian, comedian, stand-up, writer, songwriter and even a TV host. Haven’t you got there yet?

Image source: FacebookLeonardoPieraccioni

Here in a typical ’60s style shot, we know it is Florence by birth, just like his two best friends, with whom he often shares the stage. All his life he had one wife (fiancee) beautiful And today he is the proud father to a little girl we sometimes see in his films.

At this point, you have no doubt that the little kid with the cigarette in their mouth is just another thing Leonardo Peraccione, one of the artists who have contributed the most to the growth of Italian cinema in recent years. He started appearing at 16 on the show Clacket for artists tomorrow And to present it on stage there was Carlo Contiwhich he will later associate with a deep and sincere friendship, which he shares with him Giorgio Panarelo. here you are Five curiosities about Pieraccioni It will leave you speechless.

Leonardo Perraccione, does the girlfriend look like Laura Torrici? 5 curious about him

private life Leonardo Peraccione It is not known, the same break with the actress Laura Torrici She appeared some time after the two ended their love affair. The inexhaustible love of candy still binds them to this day Martina Perraccione, was born in 2010 and has often appeared in my dad’s famous films. I think the introduction of Pieraccioni and Laura Torrisi was a set of the movie, that beautiful wife.

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Closely associated with Tuscany, Peracione, despite his success, never moved to “more comfortable” locations for those working in the world of cinema. From the well-known region of central Italy, his fans share his snaps and videos on social media Gorgeous house surrounded by greenery. However, there are few social clues about his beauty Girlfriend Theresa Magni It is according to some fans She especially looks like the former Laura Torrisi.

in life Leonardo Peraccione Then there are two very famous friends, Giorgio Panareello and Carlo Conte. The meeting with Conte goes back to 1982 during the program a clapperboard for artists tomorrowover here Peracione He had a difficult climbing mission On stage after another comedic failure. Certainly not an easy situation that he brought home with remarkable skill, and struck the much-known conductor.

Then join the duo of friends Giorgio Panariello In 1985, the three toured Italy with the show Italy brothers. In 2016, the three will return with the show Show Peracione, Conte, Panareellowow for the trio in Italy But not abroad, according to a curious revelation Made by Leonardo Peraccione.

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