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“It was the hand of God” by Luisa Ranieri in the boat scene: “Sorrentino and my husband …”

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Luisa Ranieri, the actress who plays Aunt Patrizia in Paolo Sorrentino’s latest film, recounts one of the key scenes set on a boat.

Luisa Ranieri, is among the leading actresses in the film “It was God’s hand” From Paolo Sorrentino, in which she played Aunt Patrizia, a few weeks ago, told how she responded to the director’s request when she proposed nude boat scene. These are his words to F Weekly: “my husband (Luca Zingaretti, editor) She always said to me, “You are more beautiful naked than dressed, you are many clothes.” The simpler you are, the more beautiful your body will become. My body on screen becomes very impressive. He immediately understood the matter and asked me to remove it, but I did not listen to him. ”

Then he revealed: “And to say that full nudity didn’t want to do that. Sorrentino only informed me at the last minute. When she gave me the full script, we talked a lot about this aunt and in the end only she said to me, ‘Ah, I forgot: this character has a complete nudity scene which is key” I answered him “I’m going for 47, what are you doing?”, He replied, “But no, you will be beautiful, women are always beautiful, don’t worry.”

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