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“I would like to work with Greta Gerwig.”

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«Brilliant friend Came a bit by accident – She said today at the opening of her meeting with the audience of the best comics and games movie, where she was accompanied by a cosplayer and influencer Himurta and Managing Editor of Best Movie and Best Streaming George ViaroI remember they auditioned all over Naples, and all my friends did, and I was 14 and I tried. I didn’t think anything was going to happen, because I had never studied acting or acting, but then they called my mom and told her I was in the last ten finalists.. She kept her feet on the ground, but they said: No, madam, this is serious. After that I auditioned with the director Xavier CostanzoWhich lasted three hours, and in the end they just said: Don’t tan this summer, see you in September».

«I didn’t know anything about books when I auditioned – added about best seller to Elena FerranteMy mom read it and she just told me: It’s the story of two friends, a blonde and a brunette, you play the blonde. I was a little envious of Lila because she was always the one speaking in the script and had all the lines, but after three years of playing her I can say I completely understood Elena. In Season 3, I was a little afraid of being a mother, a 30-year-old character when I was 18 and obviously had no children or husbands. Shooting with kids was hard, and it was quite a challenge».

As it is known, the series tells of the special bond between Elena “Lino” Greco and Raffaella “Lella” Cirullo, Two girls from the fifties growing up in a neighborhood of Naples. On his relationship with the semi-contemporary Gaia GerasLila’s translator, Mazzucco emphasized the harmony and chemistry that bring them close together on the set: «We spent a lot of time in the hotel together, and no one could understand me more than her because she went through the same thing as me. When we are together we are actually Lino and Lila. I had already met the other potential “Elenes” after she landed the role before me, however It was different with me, so I went to Saverio and said, Elena is it».

fame Brilliant friend in United State It also allowed her to become known abroad: «Many tourists in the United States said to me: You are very popular in New York! Many have read My Brilliant Friend and there is a great deal of excitement surrounding the novels and the series, Fans abounded and there was Ferrante fever.. Something I had never thought of in Italy so I was left very dumbfounded. I love New York thanks to Woody Allen moviesWhen I was there the first time, it was exactly as I imagined it, ie outdoor group. I’ve always watched American cinema, of course, and I really appreciate the number of actresses they have, like Julia Roberts And Jennifer Lawrence».

in Clear by Susanna Nicciarelli Mazzocco instead interprets Santa Chiara in Assisi in 1211, embodying a female figure with revolutionary features for her time (at a time when women were forbidden to carry out apostolic activity), who fled from her father’s house to join the ascetic life of his friend Francis, The future saint too.

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«Susanna told me she saw my brilliant friend and then came to me and said, “You are perfect for KiaraI was very surprised at how cool Chiara’s character was, because I only knew the story of Francesco who studied at the school. After the end of My Brilliant Friend, I only had ten days to make a costume and learn the songs and dances in the movie. She too, like Elena, has strength and determination that take her far, but she brings nothing from Lino to Chiara.. For the movie you made Lessons with an instructor in Umbrian, there were several Umbrians in the group and she sent me vowels on Whatsapp and then I repeated them and checked if I was ok. The Umbrian has a very strange rhythm, especially in the questions, which in terms of tone of voice tend very upward.».

In response to a specific question on the subject, he also said that he wanted to continue the recitation: «I feel like acting is my life, but my family is very protective because cinema is such a complicated place, especially when you’re so young.. I myself am very conservative, and as a Neapolitan also very superstitious. On the set of My Brilliant Friend I was a minor and my sister was always with me. Instead take my family wherever I can, in Venice to my brilliant friend everyone was there, they were all excited and cried».

Margherita Mazzocco’s “Dream” project received an award at the end of her interview with Best Film Award 2023However, he will be starring in a movie directed by Greta Gerwigboss bird ladyAnd little Women and imminent Barbie. «I love working with her, I love her as an actress and as a director, I’ve also seen videos of her work on set and I really appreciate them. Now I’m waiting for Barbie so much and I really don’t know what to expect, I’m very curious. As a child, I played a lot with Barbie».

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