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Maneskin comes to Bari on March 31 with the “Loud Kids Tour.”

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Måneskin will be making a sold-out stop with the Loud Kids Tour at the Palaflorio in Bari on Friday 31 March. After selling out Mexico, Canada, North America and South America in 2022, there are 32 concerts that will see them headline Europe’s biggest venues.

The second part of the tour, again produced and organized by Vivo Concerti, has already collected 29 sold-out dates (including, of course, the Apulian show), followed by five eagerly awaited event dates in stadiums scheduled for the summer. 2023: July 16 at Stadio Nerio Rocco in Trieste, July 20 (sold out) and 21 July at Stadio Olimpico in Rome and July 24 (sold out) and 25 July at San Siro Stadium in Milan.

Victoria, Damiano, Thomas and Ethan return to Italy for new album “Rush!” Coming after the release, it was released on January 20 and advanced to the top 1 on the charts in 15 countries and the top 5 in 20 countries. The album, produced by Max Martin and Fabrizio Ferraguzzo, has reached over 700 million streams.

Two hours of powerful rock, accompanied by a spectacular light design, the band perform songs from the new album live, such as “Baby Said”, “Don’t Wanna Sleep” and “Blah Blah Blah”. All the bravado of rock ‘n’ roll, the inspirational “Cool Kids” with punk energy and the poignant ballads “The Loneliest” and “Timezone”, but the studio version of “Whisper” sees the unusual collaboration of the legendary figure. The Tom Morello Italian will include songs such as “La Fine”, “Mark Chapman”, “Coralin” and “Dorna a Casa”, along with other hits, already fan-favorites such as “Mammamia” and “Supermodel”. .

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Måneskin recently Rush! The world tour – produced and organized by Vivo Concerti – will see them perform at venues in Japan, Canada and the United States for the first time, touching international music temples such as New York’s Madison Square Garden. The band will then return to South America, this time in the biggest arenas and arenas, and will also make their debut in Australia.

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