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Press Release: The ‘Green Roof Lady’, Joy Schmidt, launches Vitaroofs

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Xero Flor Canada Ltd. is now Vitaroofs International Inc. Press Release - Dec 17, 2012 - The 'Green Roof Lady', Joy Schmidt, launches Vitaroofs

Dear friends, colleagues and clients:

1,000 green roofs later, including some of the most celebrated projects of our time, I am proud to announce that this 'Green Roof Lady' has decided to go the distance and launch her own brand.

Vitaroofs stands for Choices.

20 years ago it was news that we could put a garden in the sky. I should know. In Germany, alongside Wolfgang Behrens the father of green roofs, I rubbed my knuckles raw knocking on doors trying to convince people that we could do it!

The marketplace responded.

Today, architects and entrepreneurs are not only on board with green roofs, they are creating fabulous, colourful designs that soar to new heights, reach new breadths and demand answers to ever-changing structural and climatic challenges.

From the Ford Guinness Book of Records River Rouge Plant to the Vancouver Olympic Village's dynamic figurines, I've worked on many green roof projects that have broken new ground (forgive the pun). I never saw it as my job to limit that vision. I jumped right in and got my hands dirty testing and developing new systems, until satisfied that I could make the seemingly impossible happen, sustainably.

As many of you are long-term associates, you may have already gathered that Vitaroofs is less of a transformation than a rebranding of the green roof business that I have owned and operated for the past 11 years, under the Xero Flor Canada Ltd. label. The name for my business was a bit of a misnomer, as we'd been more focused on creating customized green roofing systems rather than simply distributing Xero Flor vegetated mats.

Under the new label Vitaroofs, I plan to foster new thinking in green roofs by continuing to offer accredited programming for architects, continuing to participate in government task forces and by continuing to collaborate with the research and development departments at St Mary's University, UBC-O, SAIT Polytechnic and others.

Our clients will continue to have access to the diverse and extensive inventory of systems of vegetation, soil and sub-layers that I've developed over the years. Each of these 'recipes' represents a unique solution optimized for a specific set of climatic conditions, building types and landscaping preferences. Our clients will also continue to have access to our service oriented maintenance crew.

Please note that in order to answer your questions about how to specify Vitaroofs' systems in construction drawings and architectural renderings, this announcement will be followed by informational packages complete with specifications etc.

To kick things off in the New Year, I invite you to join me as I speak about a paradigm in sustainability entrepreneurship and also participate on an expert panel, at the Green Roofs and Walls of the World Virtual Summit 2013.

It's been a real privilege to work with you, our long-time clients and partners, to retrieve our green footprint one roof at a time, in a manner that makes good business sense and gives our corporations and communities a very real and lasting sense of pride.

Together, let's keep raising the bar. I look forward to it.

Kind regards,

Joy Schmidt
Vitaroofs International Inc.
1087 Meyerside Drive, Unit 7-8
Mississauga, Ontario L5T 1M5
T: 905-565-9669 * F:905-564-9669


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