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Songster Records in association with Client Scout e-Entertainment and the Wayne A. Cargill digital media network are scouting the globe seeking to represent, present and distribute the material from common people who possess uncommon talents. is a new independent record label and the first subdivision of, both were founded in August, 2012. SongsterRecords.comis currently signing and develop the top 100 submitted demo's of singers / musicians from ten genresas well as the top 10 stand up comedians then distributing them to 100+ countries via the preexisting digital media network. Press Release - Sept 22, 2012

Genres: Rap/Hip Hop, Jazz, Blues, Reggae, Pop, Classic Rock, Heavy Metal, Punk Rock, Country, Classical Music And Stand Up Comedy

Criteria: Must Be Independent Amateurs, Must Have Unique And Original Content, Must Have Completed Demo With A 30 Second Sound Bite And Must Follow The Songster Records Demo Submission Rules (SRDSR)

Client Scout e-Entertainment is a division of Wayne A. Cargill which is an advertising, branding, marketing and e-Entertainment agency founded in July, 2007, named after the founder who at the time coined the phase "Client Scout". Songster Records will utilize all the divisions of to advertise, brand, market; createand deploy a public relations campaign for the chosen independent artists singles, records and albums in over 100 countries with no up front fees or hidden costs to the chosen independent artists being represented. One sound track (Single) purchased for download will be sold for $2.00, Five sound tracks (Record) from the same artist for download will be sold for $7.50 and 10 sound tracks (Album) from the same artist for download will be sold for $10.00. 50% of the proceeds from each download will go to the independent artist and 40% will be divided equally between the four divisions of for the ad campaigns, for deploying branding techniques, for applying marketing strategies and for representing the independent artists as their agent, initiating public relations campaigns and acting on behalf of the independent artists regarding mutual global business interests.

The remaining 10% of the proceeds will go to for the distribution of the: singles (one sound track), records (five sound tracks from the same artist) and albums (10 sound tracks from the same artist) to 100+ countries.

Songster Records in association with Client Scout e-Entertainment are proud to represent and distribute a variety of musical styling in several genres and comedic talents of independent artists from around the world. For a full list of the Demo Submission Rules please visit "Where The Music Becomes You".


If you would like more information regarding this topic please visit or email Wayne A. Cargill at


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