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Daniele Luchetti’s new film explores the fear of emotions with Elio Germano and Federica Rossellini

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An emotional adventure that challenges the limits of the human soul, discover what happens when the heart wants to scream but the mind imposes silence in the new film trust By Daniele Lucchetti.

Daniele Lucchetti –

trust It is a film that represents the third chapter of the narrative he wrote Domenico Starnoni, Directed by the school And laces, The latter was brought to the big screen by Daniele Lucchetti.

The main theme of the film is the story of a man trapped in… afraid, Who feel unable to live life to the fullest, erecting an emotional wall to defend themselves.

Within bourgeois and conformist society, Emotions They are seen as threats to control, especially for the film’s hero, a high school teacher, who is very afraid of social judgment.

the professor Pietro Villa Therefore he embodies the common humanity, which he plays Elio Germano.

He is also present in the cast Federica Rossellini Which explains it Teresa, Former student of run out Who then became his companion and keeper of an unspeakable secret.

exit Daniele Lucchetti Thanks to his film, he reveals a deep connection to the literary work he wrote starnon, Perceiving a kind of reflection of his life in the author’s stories.

Daniele Lucchetti And Francesco Piccolo they were Contributing authors From the movie trust Hence anticipating potential elio germano, The actor who plays the role of the protagonist, in giving life to run out Who is a very complex character.

Then he explores the film masks People usually wear it during their daily lives, reflecting internal crises and the search for authenticity.

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Daniele Luchetti’s new film explores the fear of emotions

Elio Germano He was completely immersed in morality pietro villa, A character who, despite various internal conflicts, tries to help his partner Teresa In an honest way.

Daniel Lucchetti reveals a new film

Trust Scene –

But his struggle with the social role of women puts him in a crisis, highlighting the gap between what he feels and what he must show to the outside world.

Federica Rossellini Simultaneous translation Teresa, She carries the weight of a frank and emotional personality, and she is a woman who… run out It is seen as mysterious and dangerous.

Rossellini Also found in personality Teresa It is a wonderful and complex role, and a symbol of the revolution against all those bourgeois social plans.

trust It tends to maintain an unsettling atmosphere throughout the duration of the film thanks too Audio recording to Thom YorkeAble to amplify the protagonist’s fears.

The director uses depth of field to suggest that the truth is hidden, creating a story that moves into dark areas.

A cinematic experience that breaks the traditional mold of cinema, and takes viewers on a journey Suggestions And hypothesis.

trust It will be distributed by Task distribution It will be possible to watch it in all theaters starting from April 24, 2024.

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