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Press Release: Cancel the Halifax Convention Centre!

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The Atlantica Party calls for the cancellation of the proposed Halifax Convention Centre.

Nova Scotia’s three old-fashioned parties and HRM have made a mistake by supporting taxpayer involvement in the proposed Convention Centre. Even Jamie Baillie, the provincial PC Leader, called it “a good investment”. Now the Federal PCs for various political reasons are becoming reluctant to support it.

This project should be killed for three reasons. Firstly, government has no business interfering in private industry, other businesses in Halifax are quite rightly grumbling about a government sponsored competitor. Second, the project has been projected to lose anywhere from $200 million to $374 million over the next 25 years. Third, nobody apart from the developer and the political elite want it, the public is largely against it as are diverse groups such as Save the View, the Centre for Policy Alternatives, the Canadian Taxpayer’s Federation and the Atlantica Party.

The Convention Centre is just another example of Nova Scotia’s bankrupt political thinking; as a long as a short term burst of economic activity can be pointed to during the next election let’s ignore the long term impact. Precisely the lack of vision that has brought Nova Scotia to the brink of crisis.

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