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Press Release: Research reveals that 63% of children between the ages 9-14 just want to do more fun things with family- why are we spending money at Christmas?

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Financial expert advises family time over spending time for the holidays

Edmonton, AB-This holiday season most of us--probably all of us--will be out there in the stores, trying to find that one last item, that perfect gift. And for some of us, who don't plan ahead, that will be a VERY busy few days at the stores, which will be packed with people. We all know this...but every year the stores are packed anyway.

Financial expert Chad Viminitz, in a recent prime time interview with in Toronto, had this to say:

"The whole process is baffling. We spend and spend and spend. And for what? We don't even know 1/2 the time. Think fast: what did you get for Christmas last year? Exactly. I have no idea either."

Asked if he had any suggestions for families trying to save money over the holidays, he commented:

“It’s a tough stance but why not suggest to your family to not give gifts and instead spend time with the people you love. I call this 'genuine wealth' and it's based on the idea that our lives are so busy right now, especially for families, that what would really be nice at Christmas  is not a card or gift certificate or a Wii, but time with the family.

Our society is so focused on money and status we forget that both are meaningless without people to share them with. Spend an afternoon at the rink. Go skiing together. Go for a walk in the snow. Do something together. A year from now you won't care about the discount chocolates somebody got you at the last minute--but you will remember the fun you had with the people you love."

When he was asked--"What about kids who desperately want that Xbox?" Viminitz laughed and replied “Sure, kids love Christmas. And gifts are part of the reason. But our busy schedules pull families apart. Christmas is the time to spend together- with our without gifts."


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