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Press Release: White Paper Release: “What is Stopping You From Opening Your Own Real Estate Brokerage?”

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Real Estate

Realty Point's founder James Hussaini brings to light the issues surrounding the current state of the real estate brokerage industry in Ontario with the release of his latest white paper. Press Release (03/31/2015) Toronto ON - James Hussaini, Founder and President of Realty Point Brokerage Franchise, releases his March 2015 white paper that details the considerations required of real estate brokers in Ontario as they consider opening their own real estate brokerage.

"When I look back at my years of being a real estate brokerage franchise owner", says Mr. James Hussaini, "I easily remember the frustrations and the over-whelming commitment of time, resources and money to open my brokerage and nourish it through its early years. That experience foreshadowed the opening of Realty Point Brokerage, a franchise company that handles the administration work that every brokerage owner dreads having to do."

"This latest release of my monthly white paper", James continues "allows me to help real estate professionals as they look to their own future and decide if brokerage ownership is right for them. I reveal each and every consideration and decision they need to make so they are fully prepared to examine every possibility and option for their own brokerage business model."

"Real estate sales is a very mature industry and never in its history has it been subject to the pressures from all sides as we see now. From commission structures to marketing, and even consumer backlash about the value of realtor services, we see intense scrutiny of the existing real estate industry and the people that work within it."

"I founded Realty Point with the purpose of allowing brokerage owners an innovative way to manage expenses, minimize start-up costs and be as nimble as the market requires. Only the real estate businesses that can adapt and flow with the industry changes and latest consumer trends will survive."

Featured topics in the white paper include:

- What is Stopping You From Opening Your Own Real Estate Brokerage?

- Create "Social Proof" of Your Value as a Realtor

- Are Real Estate Brokers in Danger of Being "Uber-ed" Out of a Career?

The white paper is available for free download, with no registration required, at the Realty Point website. The articles are available for republication as long as the author attribution is included.

About Realty Point

Launched in the Greater Toronto Region in 2014, the Realty Point brokerage franchise system provides top-earning real estate brokers the framework to open and manage their own real estate brokerage without requiring all the time and effort of a traditional or boutique brokerage business.

Realty Point provides in-house the experienced administration staff that Brokers of Record require to manage the paperwork, phone calls and day-to-day operations of their real estate brokerage allowing them to continue their sales success, and dedicate less time to administration work, that has established their careers so far.

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