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IHL, Valdivimi and Dobbiaco were confirmed in their private collections. Coppa Italia – FISG week starts on Tuesday

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It is only possible to define the main round in one term: balance. Both races finished on day three after 60, and incredibly, the standings shows the teams all separated by one point.

Valdifiemme, in overtime on Caldaro, retains first place in the main round

So it’s impossible to think of a favourite, even if Fiemme tried to pay attention. Leaders hosted Caldaro in Cavalis, in a match that often put the third defensive opponent on fire and swordplay. He simply outperformed goalkeepers Betty and Alex Andergassen to keep the score, so in 28.54 it was Captain Shelodi who found the right kick for the hosts. At 33.14, however, Caldaro was impacted with Oberrauch 1-1. Opening the third half, Fiemme missed several power passes and was penalized by Bastian Andregassen at 52.05 for South Tyrolin 1-2, but after just 41 seconds it was Odurrese who found 2-2 that sent both teams into overtime. Here it takes just 55 seconds for the hosts to find their winning boost: Signature from Ghizzo, 3-2 is too heavy.

Valdifiemme HC – SV Kaltern Caldaro rothoblaas 3-2 (0-0, 1-1, 1-1, 1-0)

Objectives: 28:54 E. Chelodi (G. Vinatzer, D. Roupec) (1:0, PP1), 33:14 J. Oberrauch (T. Virtala, M. Mazanec) (1:1, PP1), 52: 05 B. Andergassen (J. Obrauch, S. Wenitzer) (1:2), 52:56a. Mecca, A. Odorese) (3:2).

Valdifiemme coaching: Simone Peiti 60:55 (Laurin Foppa); David Rubik – Gabriel Misconel; Sebastiano Zanon – Nicola Gezzo; Daniel Cataldi – Elijah Bonelli; Loris Vanzeta – Enrico Chilodi – Gabriel Vinitzer; Alex Jumper – Rudy Lukatin – Jaroslav Moka; Paolo Nicolau – Andrea DiFrancesco – Andrea Odorese; Loris Vicenzi – Cristiano Weber – Gabriel Vider; Erwin Costner

Caldaro lineup: Alex Andergassen 60:55 (Daniel Morandel); Lorenz Gruber – Martin Mazanek; Timo Sakari Fertala – Jonas Schweepfer; Fabian Stefanelli – Simone Vinitzer; Luca de Donna – Franz Erschbammer – Raphael Felderer; Patrick Gius – Bastian Andergassen – Jonas Oberach; Benjamin Anderlan – Elias Gere – Riccardo Bortolotti; Jonathan Troy Barnes

Penalties: 6-12 (2-2, 2-4, 2-6, 0-0); Terry: 44-28 (12-12, 19-5, 12-10, 1-1); Referees: A. Piras, S. Ricco (A. Bedana, J. Pace); Spectators: 677

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In the Coppa Italia appetizer, Allegi defeated Bergen on penalties

In the other round of the group, Alleghe starts strong at Pergine and after just 38 seconds passes with Kiviranta. The Lynxes try to strike back but run into the excellent Scola, who, however, at 20.21 should bend to a 1 to 0 winner from the usual Sanvido. A minute later, Agordino’s defensive blunder allowed Foltin to tip the match in Pergine’s favor, in the midst of a match becoming more tense and deadly. Many power games were wasted, as Alleghe showed himself with great conviction in the third period. The column and crossbar saves Rigoni, who then has to surrender to Torpedo Berger at 58.14 when Scola was on the bench for the extra striker. 2-2 and overtime, but even the extra 5 minutes isn’t enough. In the penalty shootout, Kiviranta and Di Toni overtook Rigoni to take the 2–3 victory for the Allegro.

This challenge will be one of the four (in a dry match) that will play, on Tuesday 18 January, to qualify for the Final 4 of the Coppa Italia. Alleghe will play at home against Pergine.

Hockey Pergine Sapiens – Alleghe Hockey SO 2-3 (0-1, 2-0, 0-1, 0-0, 0-1)

Target: 0:38 M. Kiviranta (J. Berger, M. Ganz) (0:1), 20:21 C. Sanvido (R. Gabri, M. Ganz) (1:1), 21:10 J. Foltin (F. Rigoni, D. Andreotti) (2:1), 58:14 J. Berger (M. Kiviranta, M. Ganz) (2:2 / EA)

Pergola composition: Rudi Rigoni 65:00 (Matteo Giovannini); Radovan Gabri – Andrea Chisola; Alessandro Ambrosi – Fabio Rigoni; Nicolas Dal Sasso, David Consci – Connor Roy Sanvedo – Stefano Piva; Andrea Menegini – Dino Andreotti – Joseph Fultin; Giuseppe Villiotti – Francesco Vallores – Mattia Muslin; Andrea Ambrosi

Alleg formation: Gianni Scola 64:50 (Tomaso Zanardi); Carlo Sesto Lorenzi – Milos Ganz; Andrea Damien – Nikola Sobelsa; Lorenzo Riva – Marco together; Mirko Giolai – Miika Markus Kiviranta – Joshua Johannes Martin Berger; Marwin Martini – Edgar de Toni – Francesco Sobelsa; Ricardo del Ospel – Thomas de Silvestro – Thomas Angoleta; Goodsteam Dares Alessandro Fontana

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Penalties: 12-8 (0-0, 8-6, 4-2, 0-0, 0-0); Terry: 31-27 (8-4, 14-10, 6-10, 3-2, 0-1); Referees: F. Lottaroli, P. Gruber (P. Brondi, A. Plancher); Spectators: 198

Classifica IHL – Master Round

1 Valdivemi HC 17 points (2 games)
2 SV Caltern Caldaro Rothoplas 16 points (3 games)
3 Hockey League Interland Cavaliers 15 points (2 games)
4 Hockey Pergine Sapiens 14 points (3 matches)
5 Allegiant Hockey 13 points (2 games)

qualification round

Appiano returns to victory after success in Milan against Como at the end of a match with 12 goals

In the qualifying round, the match between Como and Appiano was the Fest of Goals. The hosts (even if played in Milan) lead after 67 seconds with Fola, then the Buccaneers react and use the first two strong games of the evening to equalize with Engel and overtake Arnst at 13.51. However, after 28 seconds, it is still Fula who scores 2-2 which lasts almost until the siren, given that Vavra in play at 19.53 finds the momentum of the host advantage. Halfway through the period, Arnst was unleashed: the Czech striker had 2 runs (28.00 and 31.05, second in sh) to push Appiano to 2-5, then Ambrosoli on a shorter close in play but Mayer brought back Pirates +3 by the siren. In the third period (with Tesini leaving space for D’Agate between the two poles of Larian) Como charges his head down. At 46.42 Koka cuts to -2, halved to 55.07 by Xamin in power play. The race is almost balanced, but at 58.28 Favra signs his personal double in the final 5-7. The second win of the season for Appiano, and the first since October.

Hockey Cuomo – HC Eppan Appiano 5-7 (2-3, 1-3, 2-1)

Target: 1:07 L. Vola (D. Xamin, R. Privitera) (1:0), 3:17 T. Engl (S. Critelli, P. Calovi) (1:1, PP1), 13:51 D Arnost (K. Vàvra, J. Pederiva) (1:2, PP1), 14:19 L. Vola (D. Xamin, R. Privitera) (2:2), 19:53 K. Vàvra (D. Arnost, M. Mair) (2:3, PP1), 28:00 D. Arnost (M. Mair, M. Mair) (2:4), 31:05 D. Arnost (K. Vàvra, T. Engl) (2 : 5, SH1), 36:00 R. Ambrosoli (K. Vàvra, T. Engl) (3:5, PP1), 38:41 M. Mair (D. Arnost, T. Engl) (3:6), 46:42 M Coca (El Formentini, A Paramedani) (4:6), 55:07 d. Zamin (El Voula, A. Re) (5:6, PP1), 58:28k. Vavra (M. Mayer, A. R.) (5:7)

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Squad A: Federico Tesini 40:00 – Daniel Mattia D’agate 20:00; Alessandro Rey – Luca Formentini; Dominic Michael Daggett – Francesco Taover; Simone Asinelli – Riccardo Ambrosoli – Lorenzo Fulla; Hector Tovik Magul Villasinor – Lorenzo Marcati – Alessandro Paramedani; Ricardo Privetera – Pietro Maradi – David Examine; Luca Jodi Zordan – Matteo Pizzagli – Maxime Coca; Massimo da Rain de Lorenzo;

Lineup B: Alex Baler 60:00 (Thomas Geiser); Fabian Spitaler – Johannes Holzner; Camille Favra – Alexander Weigl; Stefan Untereiner Matthias Oberrauch – Daniel Arnst – Marcus Mayer; Tobias Engel – Simon Cretelli – Philip Kalovy; Johannes Bedereva – Tommy DeLuca – Emmanuel Rottsteiner; Daniel Ernst

Penalties: 6-12 (6-2, 0-6, 0-4); Terry: 56-37 (14-18, 15-9, 27-10); Referees: S.Lega, W. Volcan (M. Costa, C. Grecchi)
Spectators: 63

Dobbiaco wins the match against Varese and maintains the lead in the qualifying round

In the group’s other match, Dobbiaco starts slowly against Varese with a short but cautious roster. The Pusteria people scored a killer 3-0 goal in the middle period and led the match. Schweizer twice (first in sh) and captain Rizzo leads the Icebears 3-0 at 32.23. Mastini reacts to the usual Marcello Borghi, but they fall short, but at the end of the period it was Kripaz who brought Dobbiaco back to +3. Mastini gave it all in the third break opener and again with Marcello Borghi they made it 4-2, then on several occasions they touched the goal that would reopen the matches once and for all but Burzaca did not allow himself to be overcome. So the last word is from Profunser, who sends match credits at 55.05. Dobbiaco wins 5-2, his first defeat as coach for Matteo Malfati.

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