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She wears red as a tribute to Canada (but also to Diana)

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Carlo and Camilla are struggling with some official duties. The Duchess wore a red dress: it was a tribute to the colors of the Canadian flag, but hides a hint of Diana.

The Prince Charles And his wife Camila, Duchess of Cornwall, Before the royal tour that will take them to Canada later this month, visited the Palace of Canada. The official confirmation came after other events that saw the couple’s protagonist in the front row as representatives of the monarchy in place of Elizabeth II. We saw them recently at the opening ceremony of the UK Parliament, which the Queen was unable to attend due to ill health. Before that, they attended the Easter Mass: yet Elizabeth had to cancel her presence, leaving the present mission to the nobles of Cornwall. Carlo is the heir to the throne, so his wife has a very important role to play before him in the royal family: in such cases his Proof of the future queen.

The subject of Camila’s red dress

In March, Prince William and his wife, Kate Middleton, embarked on a state tour of the Caribbean. The Duchess honored Jamaica with a bright yellow dress in the colors of the host country’s flag. Camila followed in his footsteps and decided to somehow adapt to the colors of Canada in the latest style selection. From here Bulk red However, there is another note.

This dress was created by British designer Bruce Oldfield. Close friend of the late princess Who adorned her on many official occasions. His clothes are not for sale, he measures them and makes them on demand. Camila’s dress is woolen, knee – length. It has a long sleeve and slightly folded A-line skirt, with a small V-shaped opening at the neck of the board (without the collar).

In the photo: Channel Pie

In the photo: Channel Pie

The future queen completed the look with gold jewelry and black jewelry. The shoes, Soul Bliss, the most popular brand among royalties, have been signed. On the other hand, this pie was made by Chanel and used many times on public trips by the Duchess of Cornwall. This is Black on the small channel Coco Top Hand, which is priced on Myson’s website 6000 euros.

With a kind of tribute to the beloved Lady D.Camila paid tribute to the host country Canadian flag (Behind him in official photos) Really white and red. In short, it seems that Carlo’s wife is passing her trials wonderfully as the future queen.

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