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The Russian-Ukrainian War, Today’s News | Destroying the Dnipro Dam: Floods and Mutual Accusations. USA: “Those killed in the attack” – Corriere.it

The Russian-Ukrainian War, Today’s News |  Destroying the Dnipro Dam: Floods and Mutual Accusations.  USA: “Those killed in the attack” – Corriere.it

• The destruction of the Nova Khakovka dam is at the heart of a mutual operation recriminations between Kyiv And He flies.
• According to the Ukrainians, the Russians had destroyed it to slow down the advance of the Kiev forces and divert attention from other war fronts. According to the Russians, it was the Ukrainians who blew up the dam instead.

• the The international community A frightening follow-up to the developments of the situation could be the consequences of the destruction of the dam, according to Zelensky disastrous.
• Schultz: “We have been expecting an attack like the attack on the dam for some time. I will talk to Putin.”

07:20 – Moscow, the water is starting to fall in Nova Kakhovka

In southern Ukraine, the water level in the city of Nova Kakhovka, which was flooded yesterday due to the destruction of a nearby dam, is beginning to fall. The Russian administration of the city claims this on Telegram. “The water level on previously flooded roads in Nova Kakhovka is starting to drop.”

07:15 AM – Isw: The Russians may have blown up the dam

Determining that no “definitive assessment of responsibility for the incident” can be made, the US think tank, the Institute for the Study of War believes that the “balance of evidence, logic, and rhetoric” indicates that Russian armed forces “deliberately” destroyed the Nova Kakhovka Dam in Ukraine. According to experts, in fact, Moscow has “a greater and more pronounced interest in flooding the lower Dnieper” than in Kiev, since flooding the region “complicates the attempts of the Ukrainian counterattack.”

05:46 – CNN: The dam has already been damaged in recent days

The Nova Kakhovka Dam, whose failure caused the flooding of dozens of settlements along the lower course and mouth of the Dnipro River, which marks the border of a part of Russian-occupied Ukrainian territory, was already damaged by bombing at first. from this month. This is what emerges from the satellite images analyzed by CNN. According to the American TV station, satellite images show that the dam appeared structurally sound at least until May 28; Photographs taken a few days later, on 5 June, show instead significant damage in the part of the road that crowns the edge of the dike, damage which appears to have been caused by an outside attack, possibly by artillery shells. CNN specifies that it cannot verify whether the structural damage to the dam earlier this month actually caused yesterday’s failure, or whether the latter was caused by explosives placed inside the hydroelectric power plant by Russia, as the president claimed. Ukrainian Volodymyr Zelensky. However, CNN also reported the statements of an officer of the Armed Forces of Ukraine, Captain Andriy Pedlesny, who reported that after the dam collapsed, Ukrainian soldiers saw Russian soldiers being dragged by the river current into the flooding chaos. the hypothesis of deliberate sabotage by Russia, but rather the hypothesis of sudden structural failure of the dam; However, Pedelsny told CNN that he believes that the Russians did indeed blow up the dam, and that they did not inform their military units downstream of it in advance, perhaps to “preserve the element of surprise.” The collapse of the Nova Kakhovka Dam has already caused much worse damage on the left bank of the river, which is controlled by Russian forces, the latter having undertaken large-scale defensive actions in recent months in light of hypothetical river landings by Ukraine. As Pedlesny himself pointed out, the bank of the river controlled by the Russians was lower than the one on the right, on which the Ukrainians depended, and was therefore more affected by the failure of the dam. The floods in these areas started around 3 am yesterday (local time) and continued for several hours.

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03:59 – Kiev: A large number of Russian soldiers were killed in the dam explosion

Many Russian soldiers were washed away after the explosion at the Nova Khakovka Dam: many were killed or wounded in the chaos. Some Ukrainian soldiers told CNN about this. Captain Andrei Pedlesny reported that when the dam collapsed, “no one from the Russian side could escape. All the Russian regiments were flooded.”

00:57 – Putin’s signal behind the destruction of the Nova Khakovka Dam

(by Andrea Nicastro) (…) It is also possible that the Nova Kakhovka Dam will be on June 6, 2022 Destroyed by orders from Moscow to check progress. This time the Ukrainian army. Possible, logical militarily, but not yet confirmed. Causing a flood is a war crime, one of the many accused of Putin, could not be worried about another person. However, this would also be an indication that if the counterattack cornered him, The Russian president will stop at nothing. After the dam, a Dresden-style bombing can reach cities far from the front, then it can hit chemical depots, nuclear reactors, ICBM silos that are destructive bombs because of their fuel, and finally, an atomic bomb will drop. bomb.

00:56 – Russia: «Dam? Ukrainian terrorist attack »

00:55 a.m. — After the dam in Ukraine, China calls for restraint

“Protecting civilians is an important principle.” Chinese Ambassador to the United Nations Zhang Jun said at the Security Council emergency meeting on Ukraine. He added, “We express our deep concern” about what happened today, calling on the parties to the conflict to “respect international laws,” and calling for “moderation.” “China will continue to stand for peace by strengthening dialogue to find a solution to the crisis,” he stressed.

00:54 – CN: The American intelligence tends to hold Russia responsible for the dam explosion

US intelligence is assessing responsibility for the dam explosion in Ukraine and is tipping Russia as the culprit. This was reported by CNN, citing an administration official.

00:53 – Kakhovka Dam destroyed, what are the consequences for the Ukrainian counterattack?

(Written by Andrea Marinelli and Guido OlympioThe Kakhovka Dam was destroyed on Tuesday at 2.50 am in the Russian-controlled southern Ukraine region enormous strategic importance. Built between 1950 and 1956, the dam is 30 meters high and 3.2 kilometers long. It is part of a hydroelectric power station and is located in the port city of Nova Kakhovka on the Dnipro River. 30 kilometers from Kherson. Before the explosion, he had a reservoir of 18 million cubic meters from which he started Water that supplied cooling plants at the nearby Zaporizhzhia Nuclear Power Plant and CrimeaIt was annexed militarily by Vladimir Putin in 2014. The Ukrainians have since stopped the flow but in March last year, after Putin’s army captured the area, the Russians re-established the Crimean Canal and re-established the “water supply.”

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