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Warlander: Review –

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Warlander takes the mechanics of League of Legends and combines them with the visual and (simplified) combat of For Honor: the result is truly exciting.

There is a group of League of Legends fans who get annoyed by one thing above all else: the view. The top-down perspective, a legacy of the RTS origins, seems to be a hurdle for these guys: but now, there’s a new game that seems made for them. It’s called Warlander and it’s heavily inspired by the logic and fighting style of a MOBA, but adopts the classic third-person perspective typical of action games. You fight with a melee weapon, complete with guard and shields, or from a distance, with bows and spells, and the goal is only one: a sword to overturn the enemy base until it explodes.

The game is developing Toy Logic and published by Playon is the classic example of “but why hasn’t anyone thought of that before?” The gameplay works for its simplicity, and like almost all free games, Warlander is (relatively) easy to learn but a real challenge to master. It’s as if the developers have taken a number of good ideas from multiplayer titles and combined them into a successful product because it gives users space to find their own play style.

In this Warlander review We’ll tell you how all the gears in this title fit together to create an experience that’s beautiful to play, but a bit too gray to see.

How does the character work

Managing your character inventory well is key in Warlander
Managing your character inventory well is key in Warlander

First impressions of Warlander are a bit confusing, but its tutorial does a good job of explaining the flow of the game. On the battlefield (which we’ll talk about a little later), we grant a variety of actions value points: Wound an enemy, build a siege engine, revive an ally, destroy a fortress, or damage the core of an enemy base. Thanks to these points, it is possible to choose a stronger character from your group because, unlike the League, in Warlander you don’t end the game with the same character you start it with.

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Before starting the game, in fact, you will have to make a team of up to 5 characters whose strength is determined by nickname that they own. There are 6 levels (0,1,2,3,4 or 5 stars) and in each team there must be at least one level 0 (ie untitled) in order to be able to start the game or return to the game if you haven’t. You do not have enough points to buy a more powerful character in your team. Titles, in addition to increasing the character’s health points, increase the amount of weapons and skills that the latter can equip. Everything (sword, piece of armor or passive ability) has a weight measured in CP with the most powerful weapons and magic items that can occupy 1/5 of one character’s carrying capacity. In the beginning, the options are very narrow, but as you gain experience and unlock new equipment, the possible combinations become more and more complex and malleable.

Warriors, mages, and clerics

It doesn't matter which class you choose in Warlander, if you're into defense lending a hand building defensive weapons, they'll come in handy
It doesn’t matter which class you choose in Warlander, if you’re into defense lending a hand building defensive weapons, they’ll come in handy

exist 3 classes: warrior, mage and cleric. The first is designed for hand-to-hand combat from the front line and is armed with sword, shield and bow; The second is designed to stay a distance and strike enemies with his familiar spells while the third is a support class with the ability to heal his allies, but is still armed with his spells and shield. Unfortunately, the gender of each class is banned, because the developers have made character size a limiting factor in their role: warriors, for example, are bigger and easier to hit while clerics are much smaller. This is very unfortunate as it does nothing but perpetuate gender stereotypes that are now archaic to today’s way of making video games and above all unfair to ensure that those who play can represent themselves.

titles have Defined negative rates For each class and each step add new ways to improve the character in the first few minutes of the game, when it is important to gain ground, in the middle of the game, when the attacker must break the opponent’s fortifications, or for the final attack where it is necessary to survive because dying means making up part Large walking map.

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Group play and group play

Going around alone is not a good idea in Warlander because the unequal battle is always won by the one with the numbers on his side
Going around alone is not a good idea in Warlander because the unequal battle is always won by the one with the numbers on his side

Warlander is the first and the last A war between two armiesEach team consists of five teams of five players. Before the start of each match, each team can choose their style of play (defensive, offensive or mixed) and then volunteer to perform one of three roles: defending their fortress, attacking the opponent or special operations, a kind of joker. Moreover, within each team, it is always desirable to have a slight difference in choosing one’s character: at present, the ideal formation seems to consist of warriors, mage and cleric. The idea is to have the two great warriors protect the magicians and for the clerics to heal everyone.

The game flow is very simple: towers are scattered around the map, and whoever defeats one gains a return point closer to the enemy base. Along the lanes of the map, each team can build fortifications and arm them with crossbows and cannons while to break down base doors, it is possible to mount a battering ram to pull them into the large door. The team that first destroys the opposing team’s base core wins, just like with the League in League of Legends. the game flow It is very balanced and we are rarely overwhelmed by enemy attack, there is always time and space to regroup and counterattack on the other side. Collaboration within a single team would be better if, as in Battlefield, you could be reborn alongside a teammate, but this feature is not currently available.

Do you want a strong identity?

Warlander is a brown-eyed juice but probably doesn't need a strong visual identity
Warlander is a brown-eyed juice but probably doesn’t need a strong visual identity

Warlander is a nice game but it is rather flat in terms of graphics and gameplay Visual characterization of characters and environments. The color of everything seems to be a different shade of brown and both the soldiers and their equipment are pretty standard. Everything could change in the coming months, but it seems unlikely to us that Warlander will change drastically on this front, but the real question is: does it need to? Probably not, because its gameplay is fresh, interesting, crazy but also strategic and calculated if you decide to team up (or teams) with friends.

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From the point of view monetizationSo, you can expect the usual package for any free-to-play title. There is free currency that is earned by playing the game and premium currency that you can purchase with real money. In the store there are different skins and finishes for characters (they are also all brown) and different multipliers for the experience gained. The ability to spend the game currency on mercenary contracts is interesting, as it allows you to recruit a very powerful character to add to your deck, but you can only spawn 3 times before having to renew the contract.


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Warlander is a game that you can enjoy for hours if you can ignore its almost characterless graphics. The character creation and deployment system may seem overwhelming at first, but there’s nothing a few drills can’t fix. There are many possibilities for this game to find its niche due to the different ways you can improve your characters. Another thing Warlander does well is encourage friendship and cooperation: there are skills that work best in groups and the 15v15 battles under castle walls (in offense or defense) will make you feel like you’re in Helm’s Deep thanks to the good-repeating chaos and confusion in video game form. It’s not pretty to look at, but Warlander sure is fun to play.


  • A successful combination of two different genres
  • Build your own team well and multifaceted
  • Very satisfying group actions


  • Visually devoid of personality
  • Sometimes punishing return

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