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Hockey – Symbol Amatori Modena 1945, Luca Moncalieri: “The CAF ruling shows that there was no aggression on my part, but who is going to give me back a month that I don’t want anyone?”

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It’s a very clear sentence from CAF that reduces the disqualification of Luca Moncalieri, goalkeeper of the Amatori Modena 1945 from six months to two months, which is the penalty imposed after the match against Correggio and also eliminates the fine imposed on the company applying for the title .. from objective liability.

These are the words Luca Moncaleri: “The sentence that the Confederation of African Football (CAF) has defined that there was no aggression on my part towards the Correggio player, could naturally please me. I can say that today I am calmer, but I certainly cannot and will never forget what I went through in the weeks The last. I am happy that CAF simply confirmed what happened in the match phase of the match. A special thank you to my family, the community and the people close to me who have supported me and encouraged me to continue my sporting path in recent weeks. Now my only goal is to prepare for the tournament and prepare so that I can contribute On a successful season with all my teammates.”

These are the president’s words Gianluigi Moncalieri: “Aware of what happened in the match and with confidence in the good faith of our athlete, we are pleased that the Federal Court of Appeals correctly highlighted what happened during the match phase of the match, and the referee has restored calm to our environment, now let’s look come on.”

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