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Football: Attacks before and after Cagliari Lazio and one injury – Sardinia

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Argentine tourists mistake them for advanced opponents

More violent chants in Cagliari before and after last night’s match against Lazio. The police are trying to identify the perpetrators of two attacks in the center. In one case, a young Argentinean man ended up in the hospital.
The first episode took place in Deffenu Square around 16:30. A group of Rossoblo fans approached two Argentine tourists, believed to be Lazio supporters, and were kicked, slapped and punched. Some people who passed through the area called 113. The attackers fled before the air force arrived.
An ambulance 118 arrived at the scene and took one of the tourists to hospital. Doctors were discharged from the hospital with an expected course of illness of 15 days. The second episode took place in the Sassari Road area late at night. Two Lazio fans clashed with the same number of Cagliari supporters. After exchanging insults and insults they were beaten. In this case, too, the agents of the Flying Team intervened and the fans fled.

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