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If you yawn like this, it means your brain is above average: science says so

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Is there a relationship between the way we yawn and our intelligence? According to science, yes! Let's see what it is.

Yawning, an involuntary movement that involves opening the mouth and taking a deep breath, has long fascinated scientists because of its mysterious nature. A recent study conducted at the State University of New York at Oneonta and published in the journal Biology letters He brought up an interesting connection between this and intelligence. According to the researchers, the duration and volume of yawning appear to be proportional to the size of the brain and the individual's prudence.

Science has conducted a study on the way people yawn and how this is related to their brains –

The research team analyzed 109 individuals belonging to 19 different species, and carefully examined the duration and size of yawns and brain size. Surprisingly, the results indicated that the extent of yawning was not closely related to jaw size, as one might think, but rather to brain size. This indicates that There is a relationship Between the length of the yawn and the breadth of the individual's intelligence.

Yawning and intelligence, scientists' conclusions

One interesting aspect to emerge from the research is that the degree of evolution of the species examined appears to influence the magnitude of yawning. This raises interesting questions about the relationship between brain development and biological evolution. It is possible that the individuals are of a more advanced species Yawning longer By virtue of the more developed brain?

What is the relationship between brain development and biological evolution?
Brain size and yawn length: Is there a relationship? –

This link, if confirmed by further studies, could provide new perspectives on the relationship between evolution and behavioral manifestations such as yawning. In addition to the relationship between brain size and length of yawn, experts also put forward the hypothesis that individuals of the same species who open their mouths wider during the act They may be more intellectually gifted.

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However, it is important to emphasize that this hypothesis requires further studies to confirm it. The science, in this case, is still in a preliminary stage of investigation, and more research is needed to establish a clear relationship between opening the mouth during yawning and cognitive abilities. While the results in question open new horizons in understanding yawning and its effects, it is crucial to consider potential scientific explanations behind the relationship.

It is possible that yawning also represents a Brain cooling mechanism, is also involved in complex neural processes related to intelligence? For now, these are just hypotheses, and the scientific community is actively exploring these questions to shed light on this mysterious behavior.

In conclusion, the study conducted at the State University of New York at Oneonta raised interesting links between yawning, brain size, and intelligence. However, it is important to treat these findings with caution, keeping in mind that science is constantly evolving and that more research is needed to confirm and deepen the relationships. Meanwhile, yawning remains one of the many mysteries of human behavior that continues to intrigue the scientific community.

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