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Less Aggression and Space for Technology: So Yorick Redesigns Taurus

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There is no physical in the middle of the field, bombs must change their skin: in Udine, the first signs of change

The interpreters change and even Taurus begins to adapt, changing their complexion compared to last season. The one seen on the pitch at Udine is the team that interpreted the game differently than last season, ditching the high pressure that was one of the main trademarks of the first bull Jurich. A year later, things changed: the team was replenished in all divisions and with the arrival of new interpreters, the characteristics of the players also changed.

Less physical, more technical: from Bobija to Ritchie

The midfield is a symbolic example, as in the summer they received Mandragora and Pobega and no players with the same characteristics were selected. So Juric abandoned two players – both left-handed – who ensured fitness in the middle of the field and allowed him to strive to get the ball back in a big way. Today’s base pair consists of Lukic and Ricci, two players with a higher technical score than Mandragora and Pobega but with a less significant physical impact. And so Toro changes the skin in the middle of the field: the grenades seek to dribble more insistently, thanks to the presence of the manager who is increasingly becoming the team’s mind, limiting the high pressure. This is not to say that Juric has completely given up on the immediate recovery of possession, but that his team today in certain situations – as we saw for example at Udine – are waiting less to deal with less physicality than in the past.

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Rapid Transition Technology

Thus, Torino is more technical in physical terms in 2022/2023, as the coach himself has made clear on several occasions. Juric has only stressed, in recent weeks, the need to adapt to the different characteristics of the team available this season. “The team is different from last year, it’s up to me to find the best way to glorify the band.” On the eve of the match against Empoli, he said that he was fascinated by the work that had to be done with the team at the same time: “There is a possibility, this is the best moment for me because I am curious to know where we can get there”. In Udine, there was the first demo of Toro 2.0, less waiting for the opponent but ready to attack with restarts and quick transitions. Less physical strength is compensated by a technical rate that ensures faster ball rotation. And so plays like those played by Vlasic and Miranchuk for Aina’s goal or Radungic’s first touch for Pellegri are the keys to finding the goal. Now the password will be continuity and further growth, but the Udinese exam was passed with very good marks.

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