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Empty shelves in supermarkets to ban trucks?

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At the moment, the position of the national road transport has not been made public, which Unatras had threatened in the event of a negative outcome of the confrontation. Keep doing business with the government and the major Italian road transport associations: they’re asking too much to start the tax breaks. For companies that transport goods by road throughout Italy (and 80 percent of goods travel by truck), the situation is becoming “unsustainable”. Blowing up additional fuel costs (diesel fuel, which came to 2 euros per liter and LNG (liquefied natural gas) for the latest vehicles) threatens to not absorb it.

“Without help, we can’t go on.”

“Without aid, we cannot continue,” the road transport companies say. There were some spontaneous masses in Lazio, Sicily, Molise and Puglia. Just a taste of what might happen, why The cost of fuel will continue to rise And if the logistics stop, there is a risk that there will not be enough goods in the supermarkets. Another danger is the shortage of raw materials and semi-finished products in the manufacturing industries. It cannot be ruled out that the protest will spread in the next few hours to other regions. Small and medium-sized businesses are collapsing. Fuel supply costs represent 30% of total operating costs. There are companies that risk not being able to continue at such high prices.

Italmopa, the industrial association of Italian millers, does not present an encouraging scenario: protests in road transport will seriously threaten the work of pasta and national bread chains. According to Emilio Ferrari, President of Italmopa, “The initiatives of the transport operators are causing the production of many milling plants operating in the areas where the protest is active to stop producing. Durum wheat semolina designed to produce a product emblematic of our daily diet: pasta”.

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The situation is particularly critical in Sicily. “With the blockade of road transport continuing, the agricultural economy of a vast region is at risk of collapse. While we share the concerns and causes of road transport carriers, who are like us choked by expensive energy, we must avoid harming the disproportionate increase in energy tariffs as well as insulting the loss of quantities A large number of fruits and vegetables are ready to be put on the Italian and foreign markets. This was stated in a letter sent by the provincial representatives of the trade organizations Cia, Confagricoltura, Consorzio Arancia Rossa di Sicilia PGI, Fruitimprese. “We believe that the response to the increase in transport and production costs is not the whole mass of the economy that risks destroying the entire Sicilian agricultural sector in favor of our Italian and European competitors. For this reason, we ask for a gesture of common sense from the carriers and mediation that leads to the release of the situation in a short time – the letter reads We cannot bear the rotting of tons of cultivated goods at the cost of great sacrifices, nor can we incur other costs which would deal a fatal blow to the plantations of Sicily.”

The 24 single substrate Today it provides space for industrialists who call for urgent intervention by ministers and relevant departments to overcome a particularly sensitive situation “not only for the milling sector but for the entire Italian economy”. It’s not just the fuel skyrocketing fault, keep in mind. The increase in fuel prices is the straw that could break the camel’s back, in a sector already in crisis due to a shortage of drivers (at least 20,000 will be missing, according to the latest estimates). Freight and passenger carriers have long complained of a lack of drivers, and concessions were recently introduced to allow young people to do so Get your driver’s license for free for heavy vehicles. So far, the costs for obtaining an E driver’s license have ranged between 6 and 7,000 euros, and times range from 10 months to a year. Then there is the Driver Qualification Card (Cqc) which is now mandatory for almost all drivers.

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due to lack of carriers

He explained that the problem of the lack of carriers, which was denounced for months by all employers’ associations in the sector, “is due to the deterioration of the quality of working life, health and safety at work and wages.” last year FILT-CGIL National Secretary Michele de Rose, noting “recent accidents at work involving road transport”. In recent years, the way road transport works have changed, particularly with regard to rhythms and working times “more and more intense and extending beyond measure.” At the same time, there is a shortage of infrastructures intended for recovery and the rest of the transport carrier along the road network. “In addition – he continued – many road accidents, often fatal even with the participation of other road users, require health and safety systems.”

Regarding wages, de Rose added: “There is a need for more economic recognition based on the quality and quantity of activity carried out, taking into account long trips, transfers abroad and waiting times for loading and unloading goods that affect the schedule.” Unsurprisingly, there is no queuing for dangerous and stressful work, with short-term delivery times, and not particularly attractive salaries. Anita suggested “expanding migration flows for this category of workers” and thus increasing the number of drivers from abroad. Unsuccessful resume.

In online forums for the sector and on truck drivers’ Facebook pages, the topic of a driver shortage is a topic that gets brought up a lot, notwithstanding the expensive gasoline that is now endangering the sector. The first reason is the salary. On the basis of the National Employment Contract 1750 EUR per month, with travel allowance based on periods of time: 21 EUR, 33 EUR, 41 EUR depending on hours. Bonuses accrued (in theory) for night work are often not paid, or at least it only happens in some companies and for certain contracts. Cuba has consistently condemned how Article 11 bis of the National Labor Contract provides for non-compliance with 39 hours of work per week and increased it to 47 hours. A parliamentary question submitted five years ago asking the executive branch for clarification time, to understand whether the restriction was legal, remained unanswered.

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But there’s also more, unfortunately: companies that implement multi-service contract, manipulated tachographs and other indecent hobbies, such as controlling drivers with GPS for any “too long” breaks: this also emerged from Investigation in Liguria some time ago.

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