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This is the trendy and bright color to make room for in the closet, but it’s not yellow

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With the warm season it is almost impossible not to want to discover all the news in terms of new fashions and collections.

Obviously, this doesn’t necessarily mean spending mind-boggling amounts on clothes Brandsbut you can simply find the latest trends for items at a regular price.

Since spring is the season of color, it may seem strange not to take advantage of it to change up a bit from your usual beige or black.

In that regard, it wouldn’t be a bad idea to look at armocromia tests to understand which scores actually make our skin stand out. This way, we might be able to flaunt a fresher look that might take a few years off our shoulders.

Well, green will be one of the most valuable nuances in recent months, which we’ve seen coloring clothes and accessories.

But other than green, this is a trendy color that cannot be missing in the wardrobe at the moment.

However, before discovering it, let’s specify that even those who are not fans of bright colors will be able to continue to rely on more neutral options.


What’s important is to do it in style, for example by choosing a ribbed jacket to pair with smart trousers instead of the usual shirt.

Another must-have of the season, then, is the black leather jacket, preferably with some metallic finish, coordinated with a blouse of the same colour.

The traditional and classic, as well as timeless, suit that sees cardigan champs and knitted pants also gets the full approval of the catwalks. For an elegant and relaxed look, it is great for both street and office style.

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Another touch of sophistication, truly original, is the combination of a sleeveless sheath dress over a shirt.

This is the trendy and bright color to make room for in the closet, but it’s not yellow

Then we come to what should be the undisputed trend of the season, fuchsia, bright and lustrous, ready to illuminate the look with a sophisticated touch.

We’re not afraid of the bold: it suits everyone and in the end there’s no shortage of tricks to balancing such a stunning color.

In fact, the secret lies in plain jeans or white jeans, which are very comfortable and creative in their simplicity.

Alternatively, we also evaluate the option to play on the contrast between more neutral clothing and fluorescent accessories.

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