March 23, 2023

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27°C peak in North America, Canada between unusual heat and early cold, Midwest sub-zero «3B Meteo

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It certainly makes headlines these days Extreme climate change It is characteristic of North America Divided between abnormal heat and abnormal cold. Temperatures over western CanadaWell between Alberta and British Columbia 18/20°C above average Of the period with peaks Summer heat in Alberta found to reach a maximum of 27 ° C temperature, values ​​from the entire month of July. Contrast between Eastern Canada and temperatures in the central northern United States, particularly in the Midwest Up to 15°C below average A period of highs and lows since late winter. In Minnesota Lowlands went to plains Up to -11 °CValues ​​from the second decade of December And the snow has arrived.

An inequality attached Atmospheric circulationThe only one that leads this time of year Such extreme situations. In fact, one has stopped while in western Canada and the northeastern United States A large subtropical high pressure cellA little further east Arctic currents They break and penetrate to the south Right in the heart of the States With minimal low pressure in the Great Lakes region. There are temperatures South America and Mexico are also below average Discharges will be up to 10°C below average. only East Coast At least the Great Lakes are affected by warmer and more humid air It is in positive anomaly With temperatures up to 5/6°C higher than normal.

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