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“I would like to understand what they think of the West” – Libero Quotidiano

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Alessandro de Batista In Russia. The former exponent of the 5 Star Movement announced his next journey through a YouTube video. Here Dibba admits that he is already in Turkey “in Istanbul, and in the next few hours I will go to Russia where I will stop For about a month and a half, travels in the deepest part, starting with major cities and then gradually moving towards Asia, the Far East. “He himself explains the reasons for the new stage. A controversial stage, given the recent invasion of Ukraine.

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“I would like to understand what Russians think about the West, Europe, sanctions and war, de Putin,” he identifies and then quotes the League leader: “Since de Salvini’s missed trip caused so much controversy, I am instead going to Russia. Precisely when you made the decision to leave, even before applying for a visa at the Russian Embassy in Italy, I informed Under Secretary GabrieleAnd inform him of all the steps.”

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In his opinion, it is right, even if he is not a member of Parliament, to warn that his aim is not a diplomatic mission: “I will only do journalistic work, and as for the card, it is clear that I did it on my own, in a travel agency.” Correspondent, as he says himself, to daily fact And the TvLoft. And finally, for those who ask him about the internal discord of the movement, with Giuseppe Conte And the Luigi Di Maio Heroes of a hot question and answer, Dibba Brake: “I have nothing to say. I do not get involved in these internal disagreements.” And again: “I left the movement for political reasons precisely because of the suicide of entering the Hashd government. These are issues that concern a movement to which I no longer belong.”

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Here is Alessandro Di Batista’s announcement of his trip to Russia

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