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Has Ridley Scott found the lead actor?

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Several times Ridley Scott has expressed his intention to do so Gladiator 2 And now he will finally find the perfect star. The famous magazine variety I reported the indiscretion, according to which between the person concerned and the manager, they had already worked out the negotiations: that is what it is.

wrestler It was a hit with audiences and critics. It landed in cinemas in 2000, the blockbuster historical genre weblog Ridley Scott Closed at the box office with over $457 millionAgainst a budget of 103 million. Even the critics touted the movie with full marks, so much so that it’s in remake Academy Awards 2001 He took five statuettes, including Best Picture and Best Actor for A Russell Crowe.

Russell Crowe in a scene from “Gladiator” by Ridley Scott (JAAP BUITENDIJK/ANSA/PAL) – VelvetMag

Over the years following the release, also due to the success achieved, Ridley Scott repeatedly expressed his intention to Gladiator 2. Finally, just when the projects seemed to fizzle out, in September 2021, the director announced that he was in pre-production on the long-awaited sequel. And now, more than a year after that announcement, Scott could have found his hero: let’s find out who he is.

Gladiator 2 Fact: Ridley Scott could have found the perfect star

Currently engaged in processing NapoleonWho will see Joaquin Phoenix – Previously Commodus Neither wrestler – In the role of the hero, Ridley Scott will once again take us to ancient Rome. I will do it withWait impatiently sequel. Based on what’s been leaked so far, the feature film will be everything LuciusSon Lucilla (Connie Nielsen), Archived by Maximus Decimo Meridio (Russell Crowe) from the wrath of Emperor Commodus. The film will tell the events a few years after the first film and introduce us to the adult Lucio. variety He revealed that Ridley Scott was going to start auditioning for different stars who could play the hero and among the competing performers, the one who seems to have already been introduced for sure is Paul Mescal.

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Paul Mescal at the 2021 LACMA Art + Film Gala in Los Angeles (EPA/NINA PROMMER) - VelvetMag
Paul Mescal arrives for the 2021 LACMA Art + Film Gala at the Los Angeles County Museum of Art in Los Angeles, CA, USA, November 6, 2021 (Released November 7, 2021). EPA/Nina Brommer

Born in 1996, the Irish translator gained international fame thanks to the role of co-protagonist, Connell, in the acclaimed series Ordinary people. For his performance, he has received several awards and nominations, being nominated for an awardEmmy award For Best Lead Actor in a Limited Series or TV Movie, ai Critics’ Choice Award getting a BAFTA Television Award. The actor is currently in theaters – with limited distribution – with after the sunDirected by the acclaimed Charlotte Wells mobion the well-known video streaming platform il January 6, 2023. In short, if the indiscretion finds confirmation, it will be for Paul Mescal the final confirmation as one of the fastest growing young stars, allowing him to leave the independent production circuit entirely. Just think of the fact that Russell Crowe, for his performance, received Oscar as the best actor.

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