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“Things are good, but hockey quickly humbles you if you stop working.” – HeShootsHeScoores

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Logano – with four consecutive victories, It seems that Logano has turned the page once and for all After the difficulties at the beginning of the season, especially after Convincing success on Sunday Which stopped the positive streak of league leaders Freiburg.

“Things are fine. We are playing a good game and the goalkeepers are supporting us.”, The scorer explained to us Daniel Carr. “Overall, as a team, we showed that we are more patient and the results are starting to come. In the box “We are neutral, we are able to neutralize the speed of our opponents better, while on the offensive front we have many players who can leave their mark.”

You also show a certain confidence in your abilities…
“Yes, but I think this is related to not wanting to get everything straight from our game. Some things can take a while to produce results. Now many players are able to execute some plays the right way that they would have missed until recently, and this leads us to More victories.”

You protected the slot well for a good portion of the game, but eventually got yourself into trouble by lowering your guard in that sense…
“Exactly, you can’t get distracted for a moment. Freiburg have some excellent players, like Sorensen who showed us right away what he is capable of. They have a lot of talent and they are good at playing the puck, and when you see their best players on the ice you have to be aware of the need to limit mistakes.” “As much as possible, otherwise they will make you pay. In the end, we probably thought the game was already over, and we learned a lesson.”

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With four wins in a row and five wins in the last six matches, do you feel that you have overcome the difficulties you faced at the beginning of the season?
“We don’t think much about these things, because we have to keep working. Hockey is a sport that quickly humbles you if you don’t play it. We can’t do anything but keep working in the right way… otherwise we will find ourselves in trouble again.”

You are currently the league’s top scorer. Do you feel satisfied after the difficulties in recent years?
“From a certain point of view, yes. However, I must also admit that I play really online with some excellent players, so that helps me a lot and things definitely become easier. What works especially with Jolie and Thurkov? Well, they are just great strikers, when We can make some plays and spaces suddenly open up and we manage to achieve success.”

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