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“I am the youngest woman in the race, I grew up in a garage” –

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From Elvira cira

At the age of 25 in the toughest rally: “I owe my passion to my father. Rainbow helmet against discrimination like Hamilton.” The message: “I want to tell other women that they can make it happen, just like I was able to get here”

First love is never forgotten. And even if he “blew it up” for his sister, he remembers the reckless races and unbridled jumps of that era. He was six years old. And Rebecca Bossi, from Bologna from Camignano, was quickly experiencing what it means to drive her life: with an electric car. “My dad gave it to my sister, Rachel, but she didn’t like her as much as I did,” says the 25-year-old, who is about to become the youngest driver in the upcoming Dakar, as of January 1. to 14 in Saudi Arabia. “I invested everything in myself for this race. I’m worried and above all I don’t want to disappoint my father Roberto. And also because it’s the only sponsor! ».

Passion inherited from his father

Rebecca had already enrolled in an MBA in International Business in Barcelona when the opportunity she had been waiting for for some time was made available. «I dreamed that I would go on a march, but my father did not agree. Until a designer saw me, the only condition was that I compete with a driver who owns the car and also a mechanic. In two words: Roberto Mossi. So I called him, but he was really organized. Then at the end of this summer, I saw on Facebook that the jockey who was supposed to take part in the Dakar had retired due to family problems and so I applied,” she explains from her parents’ home in Camignano, where she returned anticipating the end of lessons in Spain to avoid the risk of contracting the Covid virus. : “Actually, I owe this passion to my father, who always did motor racing, including three rally events for the Pharaohs. I remember one, when I was eight years old, when I waited for him at the finish line, in Egypt. It was a dream of Paris Dakar. Now I will take him to Arabia, where he will follow me in the assistance car.” And it does not frighten her to start such a difficult task. “To participate in smaller three-day unknown gatherings, in Italy or Spain, I would have had to spend 13,000 euros. I preferred to invest in what could have been to be more clear.

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No to discrimination against women

From the days of electric car cruising until today, he’s not only been driving small cars. “For the age of 18, I ordered my dream car: an Audi S1. Today I have an Audi TT. My father and uncle collect motorcycles and cars and I grew up in their garage: my favorite is the Lancia Delta Final Edition.” At the age of 18 he started karting. “But my dream remained the career.” She was also passionate about Formula 1, as a spectator: “My legend is Hamilton, but this year I couldn’t help but cheer for Verstappen too.” And while Nasser Al-Attiyah is at the rallies there is no rival for him: “I met him and he is a really nice and humble person.” In the Dakar, he will compete With a Gasoline 3900 Range Rover. To get ready, we spent nearly ten days in the Moroccan desert with my navigator, at the end of October. Now I train three times a week in the gym, do two running sessions, don’t drink alcohol, and have a limited amount of Sweets, I don’t eat junk food.” Her family owns a collection of religious articles, but Rebecca considers bringing a croissant on board: “You never know.” While a helmet, rainbow-like like Lewis Hamilton, would be an accurate declaration of intent: « I want to send a message against all forms of discrimination against women Saying they can do it too, just as I was able to get to Dakar. Are you aware of Elodie’s speech in Sanremo when he said you don’t have to feel things, but you have to have the courage to start and then adjust yourself to race? It was the same for me too.”

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