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How to make a bathroom cabinet or bedside table in a few steps with these creative ideas using recycled materials

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Renovating any room in the house does not necessarily require a lot of money. Completely revolutionizing a room takes time and money, for sure. However, sometimes a few design pieces are enough to completely change the face of our home. An original piece of furniture placed in the living room or an old staircase that turns into a towel rack. With a few small additions, we can customize even the most anonymous of homes and make them welcoming. In this, recycling and the use of old things greatly help. Thanks to this anti-waste philosophy, we can find incredible parts and save a lot of money.

How to make a bathroom cabinet or bedside table in a few steps with these creative ideas using recycled materials

Today we will focus on an area of ​​the home that is often a little neglected, and also for space reasons. In fact, not everyone has the opportunity to have large, perfectly furnished bathrooms. If you have some extra money to invest in furniture, you will usually focus on the living room and kitchen. For this reason, the vaulted bathroom has not been finished for a long time or furnished with temporary cabinets. But why not change this trend and customize it with some original furniture made with our own hands?

More space to store everything we need

A classic two-shelf column or a lower sink is not enough to store everything we need. Especially if the bathroom is also a washing area, which is very common in many homes. We never know where to store toilet paper, cleaning detergent, or laundry. So why not make a custom-made wardrobe with our own hands?

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We can use wooden crates, like fruit crates, and stack them under the sink. Let’s sand it and fix it with nails, one on top of the other, to make it more stable.

We can also use the old Trunks Or two wooden bread boxes and glue them together with the appropriate glue. In a second, we will have an original bathroom cabinet complete with a door. In fact, we can also use these solutions as bedside tables for the bedroom. We can also recycle old pallet strips and build containers. With me Platforms You can create very different objectsAnd not just flower boxes or sofas.

In a nutshell, here’s how to create a bathroom cabinet or bedside table using waste or recycled materials. Sustainability is an increasingly important topic to lend a helping hand to the environment even in a smart way. Once our cabinet is created, we can try our hand at a very original sink. All we need is a plate and an old grandmother’s sewing machine.


Not only as a piece of furniture, your old foot pedal sewing machine can be transformed into these wonderful creative items

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