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800 silver, check home right away: if you have it, pack your bags

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With technology advancing by leaps and bounds, precious metals (first and foremost, gold and silver) are still essential resources for the economy. The world has certainly changed economically and socially, but these two minerals continue to play an important role. Let’s take silver which is the focus of this post.

Silver value 800 –

Over the centuries, there has been a significant and gradual loss of economic value resulting in an increase in the availability of the metal in its raw state. This, in turn, has had less demand in the financial sector, especially as a result of new technologies for silver exploration and recovery. Nevertheless, this mineral remains an essential resource not only in the economic sphere but in other contexts.

How much is it worth today? Check if you have 800 silver at home because you might get rich all of a sudden. Let’s find out in this daily bed guide How much is 800 silver?.

800 and 925 silver: the differences

Silver has several its origin What makes it attractive: glossiness, resistance to oxidation and chemical agents, ductility, excellent ability to conduct electricity.

Like gold, silver is too brittle and soft to be used as “natural”: it must be bonded with other types of metals, generally copper. Depending on the use, it can have different shades: 92.5% silver is the most used (known as 925 silver It consists of the remaining 7.5% copper) for making jewelry and mint coins.

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800 silver
800 silver how much is it worth –

purest form (99.9%) It is economical: it is highly ductile, relatively easy to use, resistant to chemical agents, glossy and used in many contexts. 70% of silver production is dedicated to sectors such as electronics, engineering and photography because it transmits energy better.

L ‘silver 800Although less pure (800 parts silver and 200 parts copper on a scale based on one thousandth), it is particularly interesting: it is used to make medium/large pieces of silverware, jugs, and bracelets.

How much is 800 silver?

800 silver is recognized, like other precious metals, by punching (Formula 800 printed on any point inside an oval) which attests to its value and authenticity. It is less valuable than sterling (925 silver) but one of the most traded variants of all time.

800 silver
Silver 800 –

It is one of the most common metals in terms of buying and selling. for him the value per kilogram, in recent weeks, including Between 440 and 465 euros As per buyer terms.

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