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Thor 4 fans are calling for Taika Waititi’s legacy to be removed from the MCU!

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While it was initially hailed by MCU fans as a huge breath of fresh air, Taika WaititiAccording to many, it seems that it should be “administered” in small doses. Fan reaction to Thor 4 led the crowd You want to cancel the director’s work From the Marvel universe.

This may seem like an overreaction but God of Thunder (and the MCU) fans… They were not lenient With New Zealand director and actor. If Thor Ragnarok is seen as a Necessary change in style and tone which at first comforted many, now, after the formula has been repeated and taken to its limits in the fourth act, seems to be Fans want to “come back” in the fullest way possible.

After the statements of A.A Chris Hemsworth is ready for a drastic change From the character, many began to go on a real crusade Against the work done by Taika Waititi in concession. In fact, on Reddit, a thread has been circulating in which you explain the reasons for having a file The Director needs to be fired from the MCU Also erasing his entire narrative legacy. In short, along with comics and light Thor, according to some, should also be overthrown Characters like Korg and Valkyriawas introduced to the franchise under Waititi management.

The fourth chapter of the epic was about the God of Thunder for sure, The most controversial. If you want to learn more about the topic, we recommend our topic Thor Love and Thunder review. what do you think? Tell us about it in the comments!

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