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Alita 2 after Avatar 2? James Cameron has an idea to continue the battle of the angel

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James Cameron will be busy with other Avatar sequels, but Alita: Battle Angel could be brought to life with Robert Rodriguez… and there’s only half an idea of ​​how that might be done.

Already a few weeks ago, waiting for the debut at that time Avatar: Water RoadProducer Jon Landau hinted at a possibility Alita: Battle Angel 2Or at least his idea and idea James Cameron to restore long story, was prematurely interrupted after the first act with insufficient success at the box office. Cameron has now returned to the topic on The Business podcast, suggesting he has an idea in mind to continue pursuing his heroin story…
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the first Alita: Battle Angel to Robert Rodriguezco-written and co-produced James Cameron from Mango (1990-1995) by Yukito Kiichiro, did not achieve the success fu-20th Century Fox had hoped for: With a budget of $170 million, it brought home $404 million. Technically, it wasn’t a box office flop, but Until Dawn One was Long term exploitation, according to the canons of Raed. Since 2019, fans have come to expect the story to continue Cyborg Alitaplayed before Rosa Salazar With a large digital correction for its mega-realization eyes. Cameron may have found a way to reconcile him and rodriguez and Disney, the new owner of Fox’s assets. Basically? Why not one Series streaming on Disney+? After all, manga is already serialized material…and stories have become, too souls OVA in two parts in 1993.

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I’d like to work on it, I think it will Stream gives you a chance to I say in expanded format. I definitely have a lot of ideas, and I enjoy working with other filmmakers, as I have Robert Rodriguez to Alita: Battle Angel. He didn’t make enough money to put a big smile on everyone’s face, however We may revisit this brandwe hope. […]I’ve always written more than can fit in a film box, and I don’t like to cut out more interesting narrative developments and scenes, both in the script and in the editing.

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