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Hyundai i10, the Korean small car redesigned The more connected you are, the less you’ll pay €2,200

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Among the car manufacturers that imposed themselves in this recent period of time in the market is Hyundai, especially with the new version of the i10 and its premium price.

Reboot a expediency Somehow you become an icon of the sector, and also to do so at a very attractive start-up cost has to be a structural plan, through Hyundai.

That’s what happened with i’m 10, For whom did he work? to update It also brought down the cost, too Two thousand euros in less To be exact. But what changes are there in essence?

What are the differences “on the theme” that Hyundai Chose to put it on the right track with the i10? Here’s what we can really expect new copy from expediency korean.

So the smallest company in the parent company is at a turning point transformation. Hyundai often chooses to renovate carpark, Refresh them and correct their shot.

Change to i10, whatever you choose Hyundai

with the I’m 10which first appeared in 2020 We are about to encounter something beyond a simple stylistic change, or Aesthetic: Because they have changed connections Sports as well as prices.

Hyundai – (Motorzoom)

Let’s start from a specific and technical predicate: We note a look more violent for the new version of i’m 10, Especially because there are new lines around Drove from Lights Per day. But not only.

more specific graphic designs, Grills The “threat,” so to speak, has parallels with the Tucson in that regard. Well watch out Colorswhich are more diverse among those available to customers.

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New Hyundai: interiors and engines, what’s new?

The change in this sense continues in the i10 also from the point of view of the interior: for example with the gods fabrics Related seat Which looks more comfortable, colorful and resistant.

Hyundai – (Motorzoom)

Even the inner technology makes a change and a step forward with the devices an offer From more than four inches up to eight. Application compatibility apple And android They are total.

As for the engines, here it is 1.0 with 67 HP, Release gpl and the Turbo than 100 hp. But in the end, the prices? The latest offers raise the discount benefits to a total of two thousand two hundred euros.

This means saving that amount of the total, against the expense of approx approximately 16 thousand euros, And possible premiums About one hundred and thirty euros per month. This is mainly due to the advantages related to Exchange and scrap.

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