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Video “Science, research and education are the main drivers of cultural and social development”

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“Science, research and education are the main drivers of cultural and social development” ©

Wide. Physics Lucia They vote, former Director of the Gran Sasso Laboratory, was a guest at Vasto, at Aula Magna of Polo Liceale Mattioli to talk about the place of women in science, the future of scientific research in Italy and the relationship between science, economic development and cultural hegemony, but also the limits of science and the importance of multiculturalism in contemporary teaching.

The occasion was appropriate World Science Day for Peace and Development, established by UNESCO in 2001 with the aim of highlighting the important role of science in society, and the need to engage a broad audience in the debate on emerging scientific issues, as well as on the importance and relevance of science in our lives.

The event was organized by the UNESCO Club and Tre Age University of Vasto and Kuppilo, sponsored by Vasto Municipality.

Present at the table were the President of the Three Ages of Vasto Rocco de Scipio, the President of the Vasto Club Bianca Campelli for UNESCO and the School of Mathematics Marina Gallo, which is coordinating the work. Also present was the cultural advisor, Nicola della Gata.

We suggest a short video interview with Lucia Futano, Director of the Institute of Nuclear Physics.

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