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News about the war in Ukraine on Sunday, June 18, live. | Putin: “We are open to dialogue with all those who seek peace.” The counterattack advanced in the south

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06:12 – Kiev: “300 children will be deported from Berdyansk to Russia”

Occupation forces brought to Moscow approx 300 children From Ukraine’s Berdyansk region to Russia’s Chuvash Republic: the exiled mayor of Melitopol, Ivan Fedorov, said on Telegram. “They are sending children 1,600 kilometers from their homes deep into Russia and will hold them hostage,” Fedorov was quoted as saying by Ukrainian media.

05:11 am – The Kremlin: “Achieving the goal of disarmament in Ukraine.”

Kremlin press secretary, Dmitry PeskovHe said that Russia’s goal of “demilitarizing” Ukraine had been largely achieved. Speaking to Russian media, Peskov said that Ukraine was “extremely militarized” at the beginning of the war while now using “less and less of its own weapons” relying more and more on those provided by the West.

05:00 – Putin: “We are open to dialogue with all those who seek peace.”

Russia is “open to dialogue with all those who seek peace.” The president said so Russian President Vladimir Putin Meeting in St. Petersburg with a delegation of African heads of state, who presented him with a plan to start mediation on Ukraine. reporting agency user interface.

04:22 – In London from 60 countries for the reconstruction conference

British Prime Minister Rishi Sunak will call on investors and businesses to match Ukraine’s “bravery on the battlefield” with its support for getting the country back on its feet. Sunak will use a file International Conference on the Revival of Ukraine The Prime Minister’s Office said in 2023 to urge the private sector to make the war-torn country “financially stronger” and “technologically advanced”. More than 1,000 foreign officials from 61 countries, along with global business leaders and investors, will join Sunak in London on Wednesday. The two-day summit, jointly hosted by the UK and Ukraine, aims to unlock the potential of the private sector to help rebuild Ukraine.

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Ukrainian President Volodymyr Zelensky will attend virtually, and European Commission President Ursula von der Leyen and US Secretary of State Anthony Blinken are expected to address the opening session. Ukraine’s courage on the battlefield must be matched with the vision of the private sector to help the country rebuild and recover. Time and again, Sunak said, Ukraine has proven its ability to harness innovation and creativity quickly, and I know its recovery will be no different.

03.55 – Putin: “We have the right to recognize the newly annexed regions”

Based on the UN Charter, the Russian Federation has the right to recognize and then protect the new territories.” The Kremlin leader said, Russian President Vladimir PutinDuring the meeting with the African delegation in St. Petersburg. bring it back RIA Novosti. According to Putin, the logic of Russia’s actions in connection with the development of the situation in Ukraine “is impeccable from the point of view of international law and the UN Charter.” It was the Kiev regime that unleashed this war in 2014. According to Article 51 of the UN Charter, we had the right to help them, referring to the self-defense clause. This reasoning is beyond reproach from the point of view of international law and the Charter of the United Nations.

03.15 am – Military Point | NATO opens Submarine Infrastructure Safety Center

(Written by Andrea Marinelli and Guido Olympio) The threat evolves, the strategists explain: it changes, it adapts. The threat is that at the “bottom” of the sea. That’s why child He agreed to create a “center” to ensure the safety of underwater infrastructure. Located in Northwood, Great Britain, the new base will be part of an alliance system with expanded jurisdiction: the Atlantic Ocean, the North Sea, the Baltic Sea, the Mediterranean Sea and, at the extreme end, the Black Sea. And the device will have to monitor communications cables, pipelines and power grids of a huge network that develops under the sea for thousands of kilometers.

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02.45am – Ramaphosa to Putin: ‘Time to end the war’

“It is time to start negotiations and end the war,” said the South African president. Cyril Ramaphosa To Russian Vladimir Putin, according to reports from the agency user interface.

02:10 am – What peace plans is Moscow talking about? Can they really “work”? Proposals of China, Brazil, Arabia and Africa

(Written by Michele Farina) Â “There are ideas in several countries’ peace plans for Ukraine that could work.” Word Maria Zakharov, 47, by eight female spokeswomen for the Russian Foreign Ministry, the same one that nine days before the Russian invasion cynically accused the West of spreading lies about the impending attack on Ukraine: “Let’s find out the dates and plans,” Zakharova said, raised in Beijing. As her father was a Soviet diplomat – this is how I plan my holidays.”

01:00 – Biden: «Kiev in NATO? You must meet the same criteria »

The US President said that Ukraine must meet the same criteria as other countries to be part of NATO Joe Biden to reporters. When asked if that would make it easier for Ukraine to join NATO, Biden answered, “No.” Selection: “No. Because they have to meet the same criteria. So we’re not going to make it easy. We’ve done a lot to ensure we can have a “military coordination capability”.

00:37 – Zelensky: “Every site captured from the Russians reinforces the victory”

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