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Hockey, Amatori returns to the rink with Matera without training yet

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Hockey, Amatori returns to the rink with Matera without training yet

Hockey, Amatori returns to the rink with Matera without training yet

The problem of medical visits to players who contracted with Covid and sterilization of the building, which took place only today, on the eve of the resumption of the tournament, hindered the team.

Amatori is preparing to resume the toughest tournament in recent years. Who arrives on Saturday evening, Matera’s opponent at the “PalaCastellotti” in Lodi, after nearly a month’s rest, between the scheduled date of the Christmas and New Year holidays and slightly less expected due to the increase in Covid cases which led to the postponement of the first two days of 5 and 8 January. Back on the track practically without specific group training yet, given the need for many Giallorossi players who tested positive and then recovered to undergo medical tests to release the recently completed new competitive fitness and unavailability of the gym in Via Piermarini to intervene in the sanitation that was It took place today just over 24 hours after the Serie A1 Championship match (and from the Serie B derby between the second team of Amatori and Roller Lodi). A story that sparked complaints from the Giallorossi employees and also from fans, in which the municipal administration intervened: “The sterilizations carried out in 2021, and until today, after positive cases were reported by companies using the building, there were 4, each worth 700 euros plus value tax added, at a total cost to be paid by the municipality of 2,800 euros plus value-added tax. In the end, we believe that despite all the restrictions and modifications imposed by this exceptional emergency, the municipality has always worked seriously and with the aim of ensuring the most effective and rapid response possible.”

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