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Uisp 11-a-side football: Vada exaggerates and scores seven goals – Livornopress

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March 16, 2023

Fada exaggerates and makes seven and is close to fourth while Serrazzano wins the straight battle and moves up to the third spot

Many goals on the seventh day of the return of the Uisp Terre Etrusco-Labroniche tournament, in which the outside shot of Circolone Solvay also stands out

Livorno. March 16, 2023

Seven goals in one match do not go unnoticed.

marked them He goes At the Cini in Livorno, where he won the first leg against Atlético Ardenza 7-0 on the night, valid for the seventh day of the second leg in 11- Football Championship organized by Uisp Etruscan-Labronic Lands Commission.

It is a blow that confirms the good momentum crossed by the grenades, in their third consecutive confirmation.

They all got into the net a bit on their latest outing: off a prop Willie Mancini To the goals of Calzolari, Guardacioni, Milani, Parini and Sangeorgi.

The three points are valid for the defense of fifth place, undercut by Circolone Solvay, who is still at -2 distance thanks to the 1-0 success of Arce La California Amatore (Valerio Vannucci scored).

But Vada is reasonably close to fourth place in the standings, where Livorno Furence is now, beaten 3-1 by the head-to-head with Cerazano: The score released in Di Bisceglia allows the hosts to overtake and climb to the third step of the podium.

The first two are always occupied by soldiers failure And Sporting Rosignano Clubrespectively first and second in the season and both scored regularly in the second leg, but with the same score (2-0).

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If Palazzi extends Quercianella Termisol Termica to Martellacci, with one double as usual Leonardo Costa di Matola (who leads the scorers list with 17 goals), Sporting settles for Petrara in Barnense.

The result: in the first uniform, with 50 points, and Sporting Club Rosignano, the second, with 45 points.Africa Academywho immediately returned to victory, defeats Amatori Colli Marittimi’s mantle 3-2, dragging him from the crease of Siaba Dounbia.

Here is the tournament standings after the second leg:

Palazzi 50, Sporting Club Rosignano 45, Serrazzano 36, Livorno Forense 35, Vada 32, Circolone Solvay 30; Quercianella Termesol Termeca 28, Academy Africa 22, Archie La California Amateur 15, Atletico Ardenza 7, Circulo Petrarca 6, Colle Maritime Amateur 5.

Back week schedule:

Quercianella Termisol Termica – Sporting Club Rosignano (Saturday 6pm to 3pm), Circolone Solvay – Palazzi (Saturday 6pm to 3.30pm); Circolo Petrarca – Colli Marittimi amateurs (Saturday 6pm at 5pm), Vada – Arci La California amateurs (Mondays 8pm at 9pm); Africa Academy – Cerazano (Monday 20 at 21), Livorno Forense – Atletico Ardenza (Monday 20 at 21).

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