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All youth hockey team results Sarzana

All youth hockey team results Sarzana

A very positive day for the youth teams of the Rossoneri, three wins, one draw for the Rossoneri children’s teams and only one defeat: under 11/a win in Camaiore after an impressive match and Biggie resolved 34 seconds from the sound of the siren. She took the first point in the competitive under-11/b tournaments (2014) which Babali scored in a volley that impacted Siena. Under 13 beat Grosseto in Maremma 9-0 over the shield of Tonelli with five goals and goalkeeper Krocka who saves two direct shots. The U-15s were defeated by the top-ranked Forte dei Marmi who in the summer boosted their roster with three Viareggio players, after a disastrous first half in the second half that they tried to recover but failed. Under 17s in an avalanche against Forte dei Marmi, Rossoneri’s win at Vecchio Mercato is dragged by Alessio Lavagetti, author of five goals. (Pictured is the 2014 Under-11 team all making their debut in the competition category.)

under 11 a

ROTELLISTICA CAMAIORE: Zurolo, Nucifero, Pommella, Fantoni, Sodini, Dalla Tommasina (3), Bechini, Simonetti, Szoreny, Palestinian. Coach: Matteo Giorgi.
ASD HOCKEY SARZANA A: Lagomarsini, Bologna, Beggi (2), Lucci (2), Bissola, Boccardi, Michelucci, Battistini. Coach: Jeronimo Garcia.
Referee: Luca Moli

Under 11/A wins at Camaiore after a touching match and Peggy resolves 34 seconds from the sound of the siren. A tough race for the sons of Jeronimo Garcia, who, after missing a penalty with Bocardi, was seen on the counterattack by Dalla Tomasina and with a score of 1 to 0 in favor of Tuscany, the first break ends. In the second part of the race, three minutes later, Dalla Tomasina doubles up to form Camaiore. Garcia’s team reacts and Lucci cuts the shortage in half. Then the final is the fireworks with Sarzana, who found a draw with Peggy with a penalty kick and takes the lead with Lucci one minute from the end. But, a few seconds later, Dalla Tomasina equalized from the penalty spot. Then, 34 seconds after the siren sounds, Peggy finds the winning goal and first place in the standings for Jeronimo Garcia’s team.

under 11 b
ASD Sienna Hockey – ASD HOCKEY SARZANA B (2014) 1-1 (1-0)

ASD SIENA HOCKEY: Rino Fratagnoli, Rossi, Innocenti, Sensi, Bianchi, Lazzeretti (1), Pedretti. Coach: Roberto Tizzi.
ASD HOCKEY SARZANA B: Acanfora, Papale (1), Ulivi, Bugliani, Jimenez Acosta, Joele Funcello, Rangoni, Giusti, Mathias Funcello. Coach: Mattia Respogliatti.
Referee: Matteo Galuppi

The first point in the competitive under-11/b championship (2014) was led by Mattia Rispogliati who scored Siena with a Papalli goal in a direct shot. Tough match with the Rossoneri, who hit two lists in the first half and then hit the Senizi goal in the 11th and 24th minute by Lazzeretti. In the second after 2′, 56 inches Babali converts a direct shot awarded by the referee Jallupi. Then the Rossoneri goalkeeper Akanfora became the hero by saving two penalties , first to Bianchi and second to Lazzeretti The heart-warming finale and siren sound that brings the first point in the rankings to the Sarzana B team made up exclusively of babies born in 2014, who this year should be a year of growth.

less than 13
CB Grosto 1951 – ASD Hockey Sarzana 0-9 (0-5)

C.P. GROSSETO 1951: Conti, Converted Mann Edward, Tonini, Convertini Mann Alexander, Pucillo, Cornacchini, Boni, Celata, Civitarese, Sinjari. Coach: Push Stefano.
ASD HOCKEY SARZANA: Krocka, Fabbi (2), Nanna, Gabelloni, Tonelli (5), Cremonini, Lagomarsini (2). Coach: Andrea Peroni.
Referee: Pier Paolo Montomoli.

Under 13s beat Grosseto at Maremma with a score of 9 to 0; On the shield of Tonelli, who scored five goals, and goalkeeper Croca, who saved two direct kicks. A great match with the team led by Andrea Peroni, the orphan on the occasion of the injured Tommaso Traina, who finished the first half 5-0 thanks to Booker Tonelli and Fabi’s goal. In the second half, Tonelli, Fabi and Lagomarcini kept on the net with two goals that fixed the final score with a score of 9 to 0. On the shields, goalkeeper Alexandre Croca made an excellent match who saved two direct balls for a specialist like Cornacini. There is also plenty of room for Cecilia Nana and eventually for Cremonini.

under 15 years old

MT SERVICE HOCKE FORTE: Manfredi, Pucciarelli, Frosina (1), Cagnoni, Puccinelli, Facchini, Giovanelli (3), Lunardi, Barsaglini (2), Repetti. Coach: Alessandro Barsi.
ASD HOCKEY SARZANA: Baudinelli, Tonelli (3), Vanello, Fabbi, Cioffi, Andreani (1), Farina, Grossi Manuel, Andreatta, Grossi Cristian. Coach: Andrea Peroni
Referee: Donato Menon
The highly-ranked Forte dei Marmi under-15s who in the summer boosted their roster with three Viareggio players defeated; After a disastrous first half in the second half, Andrea Peroni’s team tries to recover but fails to do so. Ready to go and the Rossoneri are struggling with the home team network taking the lead with Giovannilli. The Rossoneri are actually absent from the track and last time, the hosts with Barsaglini, Giovannilli and partial Frosina raised it to 4 to 0, a result that both teams are comfortable with. The second part of the match is another match, the Rossoneri after scoring the fifth goal by Giovannilli starts grinding the match, Rossoblo’s goalkeeper is forced to work overtime. Andriani first and Tonelli with a hat-trick, punctuated by a Tuscan goal from Barsaglini, ended the match with a score of 6 to 4. The second half was the domain of Sarzanese with a score of 4 to 2.

Under 17 years old

ASD HOCKEY SARZANA: Stefanucci, Zamperini (1), Pistelli (1), Lavagetti (5), Vanello (1), Cioffi, Andreani (1). Coach: Matthew Pestelli.
MT SERVICE HOCKE FORTE: Bacchi, del Medico (1), Bertonelli, Lucy, Tierni, Giovannilli (1), Borciani. Coach: Alessandro Barsi.
Referee: Matteo Righetti
Under 17s in an avalanche against Forte dei Marmi, Rossoneri’s win at Vecchio Mercato is dragged by Alessio Lavagetti, author of five goals. A game without a date and never questioned with the Rossoneri finishing the first half 4 to 1 thanks to Pistelli and Zamperini’s goals and a Lavagete goal to seal Forte dei Marmi to seal Del Medico. In the second part, Lavageti is still the “beast”, the author of a hat-trick and goals for the baby Andriani and Vanello. For Forte dei Marmi, Giovanelli’s goal makes the final result less bitter, which is set at 9-2 in favor of the Rossoneri.


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