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“With room for Argentina for everyone who won the European Championship”

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On the sidelines of the match that the U-17 players won against Poland, Italy coach Roberto Mancini wanted to say a few words about the young Italian players: “The boys should always be followed. In this national team they are very young, they are only 17 but they have Perspective: We have to keep following them and, with time, give them the opportunity to play at a slightly higher level.We need to start from the base, trust the youngsters who may initially have some difficulties due to lack of experience but we must continue to give them chances because then they can Come great gratification.”

But Roberto Mancini focused primarily on the first national team after the defeat against North Macedonia, which prevented the Azzurri from going to the World Cup. The coach foresaw some strategies for the future: “Change generations? There are not many options to be able to change everything. Like in Turkey, some young players will play, but the first against Argentina – if they are all there – European champions will play, because it is a game he won.” Winning the European Championship. It has been a month since the elimination, the disappointment is great, and unfortunately there are times when things do not go well and there is nothing that can be done.”

So there will also be those players who seemed to be in the balance in the new biennium for the national team: “Also immobile and Insigne against Argentina? Yes, there will be first of all for the first – Italy coach Roberto Mancini continued in the opinion – then we will see for the others, but will look Others too.” On June 1, Italy will have the opportunity to partially make up for the failure to qualify for the World Cup by winning the Grand Final between those who won the European Championship and the America’s Cup against Messi and his teammates.

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