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Experience the views and dimensions of the Volkswagen Polo 1.0 TSI 95 CV Life data sheet

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You may have the second level of semi-autonomous driving

With modernization, the lights and bumpers change and the equipment is enriched. In addition to the digital dashboard and matrix LED headlights, it is illuminated Volkswagen Polo Level 2 semi-autonomous driving systems are also making their debut, which are activated using buttons on the steering wheel and base their operation on information from radar and a forward-facing camera to manage acceleration, steering and braking under certain conditions. Thus, the car can move independently, moving in the lane at the set speed and changing it according to the traffic flow. In the presence of the dual-clutch robotic gearbox, which is optional, it stops and restarts on its own. Also part of the package is lane keeping and adaptive cruise control, which “reads” limits shown on road signs and takes into account existing junctions and roundabouts in the navigator’s mapping.

The 95 HP 1.0 Turbo petrol engine is the least powerful in the family but manages to be brilliant without gulping too much, and the maneuverability of the five-speed manual gearbox doesn’t make you regret the dual clutch transmission. cockpit from Volkswagen Polo It is well insulated from potholes and noise, and the cornering body is contained. The Life version of the test has a discreet stand-by, which includes a center airbag, manual “climate”, full LED headlights, and automatic emergency braking capable of detecting pedestrians and cyclists. At a higher level is the Style, with LED matrix headlights and semi-autonomous driving as standard. Offered at the same price is the R-Line, which has a Sport trim finish, but charges for “Matrix” lights. In March 2022 it took a EuroNCAP crash test and received the full score: 5 stars.

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