September 21, 2023

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In Canada, a meteorite fell on the roof of a house and fell on a woman’s bed

Rock, according to the report New York Times, Weighed about two kilos and had a large fist size. Noises had already been reported the night of the meteorite impact at Ms Hamilton’s home Unusual saw In the sky over the Golden City east of Vancouver.

The incident shocked the woman, but attracted the Internet and gave scientists the opportunity to study something Space rock Came to earth. It often happens that meteorites follow a direct path toward our planet, but they are very rare to be able to cross.Atmosphere And lands in the soil of the earth.

Initially, rescue workers believed the stone had come from roadworks adjacent to the woman’s home, but after some tests it was revealed that there were no workers and no explosions. University researcherOntario, Peter Brown, confirmed that the rock is a meteorite Asteroid And he’s one in 100 billion chances of throwing himself in someone’s bed in a year.

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