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Here is the true story that inspired the movie

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Run to start over It is a movie that has had some success. Let’s discover the true story that inspired the movie.

The story proposed by the American director Alex Kendrick impressed the whole world.

Running to start over: the plot

Teacher John Harrison trains Hannah Scott, a troubled teen, to run.

One day John meets a terminally ill patient in the hospital, Thomas Hill, who was a running champion who advises him on how to train Hannah.

Returning to find him, John discovers that Hannah is Thomas’s daughter, whom the girl believes is dead, because her grandmother, Thomas was a drug addict and Hannah’s mother is dead from drugs, so he tells her.

However, thanks to John, Hannah will finally meet her father, who becomes a new person after embracing the Christian faith.

On race day, Hannah received a message of encouragement from her father. And this recording gave her the strength to run to the finish line as fast as she could and win the running medal. This movie tells us that in addition to constant hard work and exercise in the world of sportsmen and women, the spiritual world is also important. Having loving support can help you win medals better.

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Running to start over: A true story

Hannah ScottHe, as mentioned, is the absolute protagonist Run to start over. Through the journey into his feelings and his life, viewers will be transported into an intimate reality made of true love and feelings.

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The director revealed in different circumstances that all his characters were inspired by real people.

Thus, the character Hannah Scott It is inspired by a girl who actually exists even if it is not specified who she actually is.

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The reason for this need is connected with the desire to give vitality and above all to provide transparency to all those who have lost their lives due to serious diseases.

To give a voice and a face to the most courageous henna She is a very good actress Aryn Wright Thompson.

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