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World Cup 2022 – Belgium-Canada 1-0, report cards: Courtois and Batshuayi decisive. Buchanan among the Canadians

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Belgium-Canada, the first day of Group F of the World Cup has come to an end 1-0, Michy Batshuayi scored in the 44th minute. With this, Belgium topped the group by themselves Croatia and Morocco stopped at one point. Race directed by Zambian Johnny Chikaswe Many suspicious episodes. Below are the votes of the heroes of the tournament to understand the progress of the tournament.
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World Cup

Errors, oversights and the best Courtois: An ugly Belgium beat Canada 1-0

11/23/2022 at 18:46

Belgium report cards

Thibaut Courtois 7 – Get ready to save Davies’ penalty immediately. Closes the door on any attempt by Canada.

Leander Tendankar 6- In the first half all Belgium rearguard in the trenches, but Canada did not score.

Jan Vertonghen 5.5 – Suffering from Buchanan’s agility, he lands a penalty, but the first to give up is the opponent who comes out with a grip.

Toby Alderweireld 6.5 – Batshuayi’s long throw towards goal was his and he deserves half a vote.

Timothy Chestnut 5.5 – He often puts himself forward and runs into the area, but he never succeeds in having the decisive control to put himself in a position to score a goal.

Axel Witsel 5.5 – Sluggish and lonely in midfield, Canada’s fitness suffers early on.

Your Dilemmas 5 – It never shines because in the first half you play with practically only one goal. did not return to the field in the second half (From 46′ Amato Onana 6 – (More modest than his alternative, he runs to the left, and Johnston must force him to a halt.)

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Yannick Carrasco 5 – This is not his season (and not his Atl├ętico season). Protagonist with a touch of the hand leading to punishment for Canada. Martinez keeps him in the locker room after the break (From 46′ Thomas Meunier 6 – Enter the field and bring physical fitness at the required time)

Kevin De Bruyne 5.5 – A few flashes in the second half and little else when Canada is solid now. Without him, Belgium’s strategy is bleak.

Eden Hazard 5 – It didn’t light up, it didn’t hurt and it was thwarted by Canadian defenses. meet as soon as possible (62′ Leandro Trassart from 6′ (One shot outside and nothing more, he still does better than the player he replaces).

Michy Batshuayi 7 – He was the man of the match, the player who gave Belgium their first three points. Replacing Lukaku was not easy, but he did it and was very decisive for his team. 3 points Red Devils bear his signature. (78′ Luis Obenda from SV)

Coach Roberto Martinez 6.5 – He had to do without Lukaku but Batshuayi gave him back the winning goal. He wanders the bench unrecognized by his team, but in the meantime brings home three essential points to top the group.

Canada report cards

Milan Borg 6 – Innocent, on the occasion of the goal, was not too worried about the rest of the game

Alistair Johnston 5 – He continues to rush forward, but his crosses are not accurate. It’s okay to produce a lot, but you should try to do it well. He risks a red light for the intervention of Onana, who can only read the license plate.

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Steven Vittoria 5.5 – Despite playing diligently, Batshuayi’s goal was a surprise.

Kamal Miller 5.5 – Like Vitoria, he doesn’t expect Batshuayi’s sublime intrigue when scoring, but is adept at limiting it on many occasions.

Atiba Hutchinson 6 – A game of sacrifice at the age of 39, which made him the second-oldest outfielder to play in a World Cup after Roger Milla (58′ Ismail Kone from 5.5 – He is 19 years younger than Hutchinson but runs half as fast as the captain.

Junior Hoilett 5.5 – Persistently dangerous but not actually harmful (58′ from Cyle LARIN 6 – Enter well and get more space in next games)

Richie Laria 6.5 – Belgium suffered from his constant tackles, and was denied a penalty when he was brought down in the area by Witsel.74′ Free from Sam ADEKUGBE)

Tajon Buchanan 7 – Canada’s man of the match. He runs for the whole game, he deserves a penalty for Vertonghen’s interference, but Chikaswe doesn’t want to whistle. (81′ from Liam MILLARs.v.)

Stephen Eustaquio 6 – Bravo in midfield, good in position but accurate at set pieces (81′ Jonathan Osorio from SV)

Alphonso Davis 6 – In the beginning the wrongful punishment is heavy, but he does everything to correct the wrong. The classiest player on the field for Canada

Jonathan David 5.5 – Canada produces a lot but he’s never ready to score: World Cup needs solidity, look at Belgium

Herd John Herdman 6 – A well-deserved round of applause for fielding a team that made life difficult for Belgium. His Canada deserves even more.

World Cup

Calendar of the World Cup in Qatar: Days, dates and times of all matches

11/16/2022 at 3:37 pm

World Cup

Croatia-Belgium 0-0, report cards: Gvardiol a giant, Lukaku from 4

01/12/2022 at 18:04

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