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‘I’ve always blamed myself for the harassment I’ve been through’

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newly Emily Ratajkowski becomes a mother From the young Sylvester Apollo Bear and apparently, this new state of life allowed her to gain a new awareness of herself as told in her new autobiography titled physical.

The actress spoke at length in the pages of her book The inconveniences he has suffered over the years, emphasizing how to do this in most cases. She tends to blame herself for what happened. Emily Ratajkowski also accepted Robin Thicke’s abuse, believing that this is the only possible way to continue working in the world of entertainment.

“I was wondering if I encouraged the paparazzi who tried with me, or if I should sue Thicke when he filmed this video, and he grabbed my breasts. And when they asked me if I was okay, I answered only with a smile, to belittle them. I thought. Who was the boss after all?” Thing “.

No star de gold girl She didn’t even have the courage to report her first boyfriend’s violence: “Owen, my first friend, who abused me. When I later learned that he had been reported raped by another girl, I wondered: Why did she have the guts and I didn’t? She, but I blame myself, my body.”

Then Emily Ratajkowski called on tall women not to rely only on the beauty of their own body: “When I started modeling, making money from my beauty, it seemed like a form of revenge, but of courseThe situation was more complicated than I thought. Over time, I felt taken advantage of and belittled. On the good days, when I felt judging a cute butt, I could dismiss these looks as sexist. In the dark days, I hated myself and every decision I made seemed to be a blatant mistake. At the age of twenty, I did not understand that women who derive strength from beauty owe that strength to men who desire it. They are in control, not us.”

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