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Canada Duck. Warm from head to toe? Ask Canadians

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“Just as a Swiss watch cannot be made in a country other than Switzerland, Canada Goose Park cannot be made outside our borders. As Canadians we know what to do to stay warm!Danny Reyes, 47, has been the head of the brand founded by his grandfather from 2001 to 1957 (at the time it was called Metro Sportswear) and he firmly believes in one thing: It was a real turning point and a success for Canada Goose. When I joined the company, no one had heard of us outside of northern Canada or Antarctica. After hearing countless stories about how our parks kept people warm in extreme conditions, I realized we had something special and real. In fact today we have more than 20 per cent employment in our country’s textile industry.

Tony Rice

From a small manufacturer established in the Toronto warehouse to the reference point for outerwear, today Canada Goose is a luxury lifestyle brand. Forty stores around the world (Located via Milan Boutique della Spica): “Experimentation is very important to us. We are very good at expanding. After launching our first e-commerce channels seven years ago, our direct primary stores quickly followed, with our direct- 70% of our total revenue now consumed by consumers. Business. Our new business apparel has grown to $ 45 million in four years. Lightweight duvet is another example, which we expect to make up more than 20 percent of our business by the end of the year.

Canadian activist and director Saren Fox wears the Snow Magic Boots model

The next challenge for Canadian ducks is footwear: “We know consumers want versatility and durability. More than ever, they want to invest. One that stands the test of time and components. This principle applies to all of our products, including footwear. “ Romeo Beckham. Two models: Boots Snow Magical Boots Inspired by their Snow Mantra Barca, it became known as the hottest jacket in the world, and Journey Boots Hiking shoes suitable for the city. “It took us three years to team up, research, plan, experiment, design and finally test these shoes.” The last phase, the trials lasted six months: “More than forty people from all over the world, including many scientists and researchers, have traveled hundreds of kilometers in different regions and temperatures and given us their ideas. Thus contributing to the final design. We are careful in everything we do. We only want to bring our quality products to market. “

Jordin Doodu, 38, was the first Inuit player to play in the National Hockey League. A pair of Journey Boots in this photo

Danny Reyes loves challenges. He’s very concerned. “Keep the planet cool and people warm. Earlier this year, we introduced the standard Expedition Bar, inspired by our iconic Expedition Bar, our most sustainable park to date. It is a metaphor for the body HUMANATURE, our site that integrates sustainability objectives and initiatives. The Parka Standard sets the standard for the future of Canada Goose’s standard outerwear and exceeds the strict standards of quality and performance that consumers expect from us.

Canada Goose is committed to many levels: from a ten-year partnership Polar Bear International Until support Inuit people: “We have donated millions of meters of clothing to dozens of communities in the North, otherwise it would be a way to manage the excess of waste in a sustainable way.

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