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Rome, The Camara Affair: Limited Space and An Uncertain Future

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The Roma team is currently ranked fifth in the Italian league standings and in the round of 16 European league. He’s having an excellent season and the balance between the different players is essential to maintain those results. The summer transfer market has brought important players to the capital, just think of Paolo Dybala. Among the reinforcements Mourinho However, midfielder Madi also appears Camaraon loan fromOlympiacos.

The Guinean midfielder has been loaned out to replace the injured man at home to Roma Wijnaldum. So he claimed Thiago Pinto At the press conference, the Director general The Giallorossi in the press conference: After Jorginho was injured Wijnaldum We had the ability to find the right solution to get more group and trainer alternatives. Past these weeks already Gave good answers. He will help us this season, both on and off the field.”

Thiago Pinto – livephotosport

Kamara, Olympiacos Experience

Camara He started his football career with the Guinean teams Callum And santobabefore training withAC Ajaccioteam of League 2 The Frenchman, who is currently playing in the first division of the championship. He landed in France and played 18 matches, scoring two goals. In 2018, he signed a five-year contract with the Greek club Olympiacos. On 16 September 2018, he scored in a 2-1 home winAsteras Tripolis.

In Greece, the Guinean midfielder has established himself at an excellent level, becoming first a stable owner and then one of the most sought-after players in the transfer market, not only from the point of view of Roma. Thanks to its performance Champions And European league I managed to attract the attention of many teams. Camara Then he made his debut with the Guinean national team on September 9, 2018 on the occasion of the qualifying match of Africa Cup 2019 won 1-0 against the Central African Republic. On August 31, 2022, the Guinean moved to the Giallorossi on loan with the right to buy.

Camara, Rome
Camara, Rome Livephotosport

Kamara, access to Rome and Mourinho’s options

Camara He made his league debut on 4 September 2022, coming on as a substitute for Pellegrini in the dying minutes of a 4-0 away defeat.Udinese. As the days passed, the Guinean midfielder slowly disappeared Mourinho’s radar. Until November, the midfielder played 18 minutes in Serie A in 3 matches. in European league Something more, but without leaving a mark.

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After numerous criticisms regarding the alternative’s very few appearances WijnaldumAnd Mourinho to reply: Camara was borrowed to replace her WijnaldumHe is here to help and when we need him he will.” From there, the midfielder began racking up a few appearances until the end of the World Cup. In fact, the Portuguese coach posted it for the first time in the Genoa match against him Sampdoria Due to his personal growth and within the team.

Eduardo Bove, Roma player, Livephotosport

After returning from a long rest period, he got up Rome Immediately found victory against Bologna. After that, the Giallorossi had two more successes, the first in the Coppa Italia against Genoa Then against Fiorentina. Camara He did not take the field in any of the three challenges. Instead of the Guinean, the Giallorossi coach started to include some Primavera players such as bull And Tahirovic. Explain the reason for this choice Mourinhonot attributed to CamaraBut it is also right to propagate young people who need to grow.

Technical characteristics of Maddy Camara

In past seasons in Greece, Camara He held both the position of full back and the position of attacking midfielder. Therefore, born in 1997 is able to cover the role of attacking midfielder, if necessary. Its characteristics mainly relate to the phase of possession and the management of the ball in situations of pressure. He manages to run behind his opponents and put pressure on them, to get them to make a mistake, thus also providing support to the defensive line.

Maddy Camara (Roma) Livephotosport
Maddy Camara (Roma) Livephotosport

in the Greek team, Kamara stood out for his ability To sort the ball effectively, not disdain dribbling so as to create space and serve your teammates with long game changeovers. The midfielder is one of the best players in the Hellenic League in terms of passing percentage, especially in forward passes. Equipped with a great physique, Camara He is a complete midfielder who is able to guarantee quality and quantity for the department.

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Mourinho midfield in Rome

The midfield is the department that must balance the entire team in attack and defence. Jose MourinhoIn the second half of last season, it went from 4-2-3-1 to 3-4-2-1. The midfield duo saw such a steady start Christantewhich will soon arrive the official announcement of its renewal, originally accompanied by Wijnaldum. As we said, during the first round of the championship, the Dutchman was replaced by one maticAnd CamaraAnd bull And Tahirovic.

Cristante, Roma @livephotosport
Cristante, Roma @livephotosport

The first goal of his Giallorossi adventure, in defeat against Sassuolo For 3-4, he permanently unblocks the ex Paris Saint-Germain Long awaited by the Giallorossi coach. But in the form of the Portuguese coach, there are only two areas for midfield: the ballot between them matic And Christante It is preparing to be among the most unpredictable seasons Rome. actually, matic It has international experience behind it and has seen exponential growth in recent months. Brian Christantereturning to the full capacity of Wijnaldumso you can risk your starting position.

Camara, controversy over his future in Rome

At first, another hypothesis related to the presence of a few Camara There was an auto-recovery task present in the contract when a certain number of impressions and playing minutes were reached. Then the hypothesis was denied by both of them Rome From the middle of the midfielder. Hence, the choice Mourinho It has always been purely technical.

Jose Mourinho, Roma coach, livephotosport
Jose Mourinho, Roma coach, livephotosport

Opinions about the Giallorossi midfielder’s future are above all uncertain After Jorginho returned from injury Wijnaldum. Even if, in the matches he has played, Kamara has shown his best skills: running and recovering the ball. If he has played little so far, he will find less space now with the Dutchman back and he will also be a back-up due to the presence of players like Matic and Criscente.

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Although the purpose of his arrival is to replace the injured WijnaldumAnd Camara It can remain an additional weapon for Jose MourinhoEspecially at this moment when both midfielders have not renewed their contracts yet.

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