April 23, 2024

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‘Am I on the Georgia Meloni stage? Right-wing actors discriminated against’

‘Am I on the Georgia Meloni stage? Right-wing actors discriminated against’

When the artist exposes himself politically, the uproar is always around the corner, especially in a climate as hot as that of the election campaign: Beno I am studying He learned it the hard way after making an appearance during the center-right rally in Piazza del Popolo to present the leader of the Italian Brothers Giorgia Meloni.

Insegno stole two lines from Aragorn to introduce Meloni, and was inevitably overwhelmed by the criticisms of most of his fans, to which the famous voice actor immediately wanted to respond:If one takes the podium on Labor Day, no one says anything. If anyone goes to introduce a friend, Giorgia Meloni, everyone goes for it. They accused me of fascismBut do you realize? But no one here has declared anti-Semitism or stances against abortion, but what are we talking about? I repeat: it is racism towards those who do not claim to be leftThe actor’s words were.

I teach, who recently participated in Dubbing The Adams Family 2then defended Meloni, who boasts of his long-standing friendship, from being accused of referring to fascist ideologies:Georgia Meloni She is not extreme, not anti-Semitic, and does not get angry with black people. But I got to that stage and all hell is going on. Clearly, letting go does not mean being good. I don’t make money going to Fazio“.

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