Home science Having an animal in the house strengthens memory: science says so

Having an animal in the house strengthens memory: science says so

Having an animal in the house strengthens memory: science says so

A new study has found that having an animal in the house has beneficial effects on our brains

  • One study looked at the effects of owning a pet on our brains
  • 1,369 people with an average age of 65 underwent memory tests
  • Of these, 53% have owned an animal and 32% have owned animals for at least five years
  • Puppy owners scored higher than those who didn’t have any
  • This is preliminary evidence to say that the presence of animals can reduce cognitive decline

owning an animal Home has several positive aspects: company, happiness at home, unconditional love. Science has now discovered that it can also have beneficial effects our brain health. That’s what emerges from preliminary data for a study that will be presented at the annual conference of the American Academy of Neurology, to be held in April in Seattle. In particular, the analysis builds on two research conducted by Drs Jennifer Appelbaum and Tiffany Braley and a team of colleagues on the project. Study health and retirement.

From 2010 to 2016, scientists subjected 1,369 people with an average age of 65 to the gods memory tests, with which a result can be reached from 0 to 27. Among the volunteers, 53% owned a pet. And 32% have had a puppy at home for more than five years. All pet owners scored 1.2 points higher than those who had none at all.

The company of a dog or cat helps relieve loneliness and depression

“These findings provide preliminary evidence to be able to confirm that, in the long term, pet contact can be a solution to reducing cognitive decline. This study is a step forward in understanding how relationships with animals contribute to human brain health.”Braley said.

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“The association between interactions with pets and physiological measures to reduce stress, including lower levels of cortisol and blood pressure, could have a long-term impact on cognitive health.”The co-author continued the search. In fact, already in the past, many analyzes have shown how the companionship of a dog or cat has helped relieve lonelinessdepression and other distress in humans.


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