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Calcio C, Perugia – Cesena 0-2 live

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Perugia – Cesena: 0-2

Perugia (3-4-1-2): Forlan; Moricelli, Vulicic, Del Orco; Paz, Bartolomé, Cowan, Pozzolan; Santoro. Mattos, Richie. On the bench: 1 Abebe, 12 Adamonis, 91 Soare, 96 Vitti, 94 Mizzoni, 3 Cancellieri, 18 Aquila, 24 Taurasi, 14 Pizzicchieri, 21 Codrig, 73 Polizzi, 32 Lomangino. Coach: Alessandro Formisano.

Cesena (3-4-2-1): Bisseri; Perracini, Prestia, Silvestri; Adamo, Varon, De Rose, Donnarumma; Saber, Kargbo; shield. On the bench: 61 Ciano, 34 Villiage, 3 Betti, 13 Coccolo, 26 Piacentini, 24 Pierozzi, 25 David, 4 Chiarello, 6 Pompo, 14 Berti, 30 Giovannini, 70 Francesconi, 9 Cipendi, 11 Ogonsi. Coach: Domenico Toscano.

Referee: Galippo from Florence

Net: 18' points and 39' Saber

Warning: Bartolomé

Notes: About 3,500 spectators. Corner 3-1 to Cesena.

45 points. There will be 3 minutes of stoppage time

43 points. Lateral free kick for Cesena: Adamo crossed it and Silvestri failed to clear it in the right direction

39' points, double saber. Magic from Kargbo and a right in which Forlan performs a miracle. Saber reaches in on the rebound and directs it home. The assistant flagged offside to Cargbo, who was on the goal line, but Cargbo did not touch the ball and Galipo checked it.

38 points. It's eleven against eleven again

35 points. Hammer fucking entry by Baz on Silvestri. It was a red card: Galipault did not blow the whistle for a foul. crazy. Silvestri exit: He tries to return to the field

33 points. Crazy chance. Kargbo devours the impossible: Paz makes mistakes in everything, Kargbo only appears in front of Forlan, he avoids him but Vulicic brings him back a few steps from the empty goal.

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31 points. Bad intervention from Paz on Donnarumma, who remained on the ground (but Galipo did not call a foul).

29 points. Another starting point from Adamo, who took the third corner: Adamo's cross, Faraone shoots it, and a miracle from Forlan. But referee Galippo incorrectly blew a whistle at Faraone

27 points. Vertical sword for Adamo, as Forlan must exit the area to sweep it

26 points. Adamu receives from Saber and passes the ball to Kargbo, who lifts it with his left foot from 18 metres

21 points. Perugia reaction. First corner for the Umbrians: Bartolomé's serve is too long and direct outside

18' points. Saber's target: Cesena striker. Cesena took justice into their own hands, with a right-footed shot from Saber that deflected off Vuldic, giving Forlan no chance. Beautiful move, created by Kargbo and finished by Corazza with a shot with the right foot of the Italian-Tunisian

15 points. Crossbar shield. Cross from Kargbo, Coraza heads it, the ball bounces under the crossbar, hits the ground and goes out. We continue. But from the replay it appears that the ball bounced completely inwards. A fake goal that Cesena did not concede

14 points. Perugia's first initiative with Prestia is very good in anticipating Ricci who was about to kick from an excellent position

11 points. First corner for Cesena, with a mistake by Saber. Then, Donnarumma's cross was sent in by Bartolomei for a corner kick. Donnarumma goes again: a low serve put into a sideline error by Bartolomei

10 points. Kargbo steals from Moricelli, enters the area from the left and shoots to the nearest point, with Forlán blocking.

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9' points. Another mistake from Bartolomé on Corazza

8' point. Cargbo expects Bartolomei in midfield, who brought him down and picked up a yellow card

5' point. Cesena allows Perugia's three defenders to play without applying strong and high pressure

4' point. Donnarumma to Cargbo, who enters the area from the left and fires a weak shot with his right foot, which Forlan blocks

3' point. The first penalty for Cesena after a foul on Saber. After the development of the free kick, Saber shoots from a distance of 20 meters: a high ball

1 point. We have to go back. Press Saber

The difference is on the field. A minute of silence for the soul of the historic Perugia fan who died last night

Last match of 2023 for Cesena, who at the Stadio Corri in Perugia (6.30pm) tries to respond to the victory of Torres, who beat Benito 1-0 yesterday. The Bianconeri, with only Civi available, and the Umbrians, who after Baldini's dismissal began the Formisano era on the bench. Toscano takes back Adamo and turns the team upside down: Varone, Saber and Corazza come in place of Francesconi, Berti and Shependi. Al Shabandi, as he became known only today, is in such precarious physical condition that he worked separately during the week until Thursday due to a physical problem. In Perugia, Angela, Iannone and Vazquez, who are injured, and Lisi and Sighetti, who are suspended, will be absent. Forlan plays in goal for the Umbrian team, not Adamonis

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